Monday, August 30, 2010

A quick hello

No I have not fallen off the face of the earth, nor am I hiding,
am just still working on that scrapbook. It seems to be
consuming ALL of my time. It has taken me weeks to get
through all the photos, but at long last, I am finally getting
to do some serious scrapping and get the pics in the book!
Thats been fun. I love playing with the colors of paper.
And the paper, oh there is such wonderful paper available.
I have found that there is some already stitched! LOVE IT!
I gotta find a pic of it to share. Its beautiful.

We are getting ready for our trip to Texas.
We usually go twice a year to go dote on grandbabies
and visit with the kids. But the costs this year are
keeping our visits down to just one. I am just happy
that we do get to go! Two whole weeks! I Cannot Wait!

As I'm sitting here scrapping I'm daydreaming of
making a christmas quilt. Have always wanted to
make one. I'm going to try hard to do it this year.
The fabrics. Oh the fabrics. Just lucious! Thats
gonna be the hard part, trying to pick fabrics
to make it with!

I hope this finds you all well and happy and creative!
I'm still reading all your posts, loving each and every
one. Your all just so talented!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer fun and missing blogging

I have missed blogging so much. And not just the
blogging, but reading all your wonderful blogs.
I have not had time to spend browsing,
reading about all the fun things you have
made, want to make, pretty fabric,
summer bountys from gardens,
summer fun with kids.

I Have Missed You All!

I admit there is one blog I do not miss.
My daughters. Will not miss a day cuz
they always make me smile. They live
so far away and I miss them so much. I feel
much closer having her blog to read.
My fav's are the ones of Landons
fun and games.
The boy does have a good time.....

I think I shall keep my distance when we see
them next month and he is watering for mama!

All is going well with me and Bob.
In fact, we are heading to Vegas this
weekend! Yippeee! We always
have such fun. Not big gamblers but there is
so much to see and do there, I love it!
My stepdaughter Amanda will be there too
celebrating her birthday. We never get
much time with just her so we are really
looking forward to seeing her!
Will be so much fun!

Hope your all having a wonderful summer!