Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday night....or Sunday Morning

Up late again. Didn't start out that way. Got
in bed early. 10'ish is early isn't it? But about
10 minutes later Bob got up with a scratchy
throat. When he came back to bed about
a half hour later, I got up with a rolling
flopping belly. And I am still up.

It really does'nt bother me too much any
more. Most of my nights are like this.
It really used to make me crazy. I wanted
a good nights sleep for heavens sake!
I finally have realized its ok if I only get
a few hours at night, I can snooze during
the day anytime I want to. And I DO!
And its nice!

I have this wonderfully large Lazyboy
lift chair. It has heating in back and butt.
And its sooo comfortable. I get my blankie,
yes I have a blankie, get Elvis situated
next to me. Always by left side of butt.
We snuggle down and snooze. Its such
a nice snooze. Deep sleep in the middle
of the day. How did I get so lucky?

Some days its just a quick 15 min. power
nap. Sometimes a long comfy 2 or 3 hours.
It makes up for these weird nights I
have. For me, it all balances out and
most days I feel pretty rested.

Ta Da! Today I finished putting
together allthe squares on the quilt.
Its cute! Final size 72"long x 53" wide.
A bit smaller than I wanted. But as I
staggered the blocks I ended up whacking
a half block off each side which made it
about 6inches shorter and narrower.
Not alot so its ok. I worked on the trim
today. I messed with the colors and came
up with a trim that will work ok. I think.ha!
This is all new for me so its a flying by the
seat of my pants kinda thing. Hopefully
I can get it put together tomorrow, (the trim)
and I can get a pic on here and facebook.

Tomorrow I was not going to go to the bx
and commissary with Bob, but I think I
might. I want to look at the books at the
bx, they just might have a sewing book
I might need!! ha!

I am changing the I'm thankful for/love
title. Something like, the simple things,
no, my favorite simple things? Yea, that
might work..

My favorite simple things are

1.showing Bob my new treasures and him
liking them.
2.Lisa posting new pictures of the kids.
seeing Robby growing from baby to toddler.
3.Landon enjoying birthday party fun!
4.playing with fabric and patterns and
creating something new!
5.Finding that perfect piece of fabric
6.being able to look at Lisa's pictures over
and over cuz I miss the kids.
7.reading Priscillas blog over and over
cuz I miss Landon.
8. watching lew walk all over the house.

loves you all...I'm actually sleepy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sewing books

A long time ago when my kids were a
toddler long ago. I bought this cute little soft
cover book with some how to sew patterns.
Just odds and end stuff for toddlers. I used
it for along time.

And after another long time, now my kids
are all adults and have their own toddler and
school age kids, I have rediscovered sewing
books! They are awesome! Much gosh, what
I have been missing! I feel like such a goof.

I spend hours browsing patterns, looking for
unique ones, ones on sale, or a 'lot' of them
on ebay. I have done pretty good too as
I have so many of them. I would say at
least 200. Now are lot are doubles (from
ebay lots), some are old, some are they
kind of pattern I look at and say, well
I might make that one day. I just love
them all! They represent such possibilities!
Gifts to give, clothes to wear, bags totes
and purses to carry,baby layettes, baby
bedding...that should give you the picture.

And today, I rediscovered the sewing
book. They come with actual PATTERNS!
Wow! Sooo, I spent a few hours browsing
ebay, and did find a few that I thought were
interesting, but could only get this one to load

I have always wanted to try embroidery with
silk ribbon. Thought it might add a nice touch
to purses, blankies, Olivias clothes, my jammies,
stuff like that! I thought the price was pretty
good too, $3.50.
Now I know there are free instructions on line.
I can print them and follow them I know,
but thought it might be nice to be able to
sit and have the book at hand.

I am thankful for/love

my constantly wanting to learn to sew something new
more rain
all the trees in bloom
I'm almost done with that quilt
Bob wanting to plan another Texas trip
Landon took Daddy to show and tell for the
letter Ff.....firefighter!
all the 100 calorie snacks in the kitchen..

time to go...loves you all...a snack is calling

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I browse around and read lots of blogs.
Some regularly. Some I just click that
'next blog' button and see where it
takes me. Now, the ones I read regularly
are ones that are very popular it seems.
And they should be, they are well written
and funny, lots of pictures of kids, family,
vacations. All that fun family stuff. I
really enjoy them.

But now and then there is a blog that
gets so deep, so long, so boring I just
can't finish it. Its great that they can
write so well. But gee,this is a blog.
I tend to see a blog asa diary of sorts.
Not a newspaper commentary. Am I
the only one who does not care for
those type of blogs? I guess that really
doesn't matter, I will just do what I always
do and click 'next'.

I love/ am thankful for

all the vintage doilies I just received
organizing my fabric shelves
Priscilla's explainations
Sheri's exhuberant thank yous
Jeremiahs surprise at the wild turkeys
my 'breakthrough' pain relief
new books
raisen toast
finding that lost earring
planning Olivias b'day quilt
thinking of Robbys blue eyes and fat cheeks

Loves you....until tomorrow

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

pony time

My grandson Landon, who is 3yrs. 3mo. old now,
seems to just adore his counsin Ava's ponys.
These are the little plastic ponys that usually
have some nice bright manes and tails with
girly colors. bright pink. bright blue. bright
purple. (see below)

Look at that happy face! What fun! A pony!
What kid doesn't like a pony?! This one
sure does.

And this has been goin on a little while now,
see this next picture was taken at
Christmas. Thats Ava sitting with
him. And on the other, the ponies!

He loves them! Sooo, I'm thinking Poppa Bob and I
will be sending him a pony, or two, for Easter! Now
if they are bright colors, they match Easter! Won't
he love them!! to put that on my todo

I love/and thankful for

getting surprises for the grandbabies
the excitement of seeing them when we
first arrive in town.
adding pictures to the family tree.
watching the family tree grow.
losing all track of time in my sewing room.
warm springlike days in winter
opening the doors and filling the
house with fresh air.

and I love going to bed...goodnight!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mondays done

For some reason, Monday has always been 'The busy day'.
It was the day I did laundry from the weekend, changed
all the sheets and on and on.
After so many years, in the back of my mind, lingering
in all the other not so important stuff that clutters
my aging mind, Monda is still the busy day.
Its just Bob and I now. And the dogs. Who seem to make
as much mess as any of the kids did. So why should
Mondays be busy any more? Some Monday mornings,
I will suddenly stop and think, wait, I'm supposed
to be doing something. I will look over at the
laundry basket and turn my head to look at
the bed. Nope, nothing to do. But. I still feel like
I am missing doing something.

It feels silly, after so many years of not
have busy Mondays, that the feel of needing
to have to do something still lingers. Guess it
all goes along with gettin' old. blagh.

I love/am thankful for,

being able to fix my sewing maching myself.
to watch Hoarders.
sorting old photos
all the valentines candy Bob brought home
kisses goodnight
kisses goodbye
kisses hello
kisses just because

short lists, I'm sleepy. After all, it is MOnday
and MOnday is supposed to be busy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

oh it just makes me so mad

I am just so confused. I do not understand, at all, how
doctors are able to do the fantastic work on my spine,
take care of deadly infections with ease, make my
depression just *poof* go away. But. They cannot
make my neausea go away.

Really, I just don't get it. They say my stomach
lining is swollen. There's no sign of any of the
icky things that can go wrong with it. God knows
they tested for enough of them.

All I want is one more pill to take to make me
be able to enjoy a bowl of spaghetti and meat
balls (I dared to have some today with in half
an hour I was sick sick sick). Sometimes a
cold glass of water, tap cold, not ice cold will
make my stomach roll. Why can't they
find something to make it stop? I'm just
so confused.

I'm thankful for/love

spaghetti and meat balls
flat rate mailing
Raleys pharmacy
automatic refills
birthday parties
my camelback water bottle
the Olympics
seam rippers
Elvis and Dawber as bed buddies

Am looking forward to Sunday, a new day,
a day I get to spend with Bob.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

about this quilt I'm making

I'm working on this raggy quilt thats for Wyatts
birthday. Its my first attempt at making one.
And my 3rd quilt I have ever made. And its
the hardest.

You have to sew them backwards from regular
sewing, the seam is on the outside not hidden
inside. Its so against what your used to doing,
so hard to get the pieces pinned together right.
After much thumb poking and finger nicking,
I have just about got it all pinned together.

I started sewing strips today. And when I
had a few sewed up, I pinned a few rows
together and thought I would get a few of
those sewed up to see how it was starting
to look. Oh my gosh. I have ripped out
more seams than I have finished. The fabric
is sliding out of alignment...blah blah,
my fingertips hurt!ha!

All the reading I have done on these quilts say
they are easy, done in a day. Yea right. Maybe
it can be done. Not by me! ha! But I'm giving
it my best shot and so far its looking pretty
cute! I LIKE IT!

I'm thankful for/love

nice neat rows of stitches, on fabric, not me.
a cup of tea when I'm headachey and tired
the way Tide spring renewal smells.
wrapping up in a robe right outta the dryer
an unexpected 'love ya' from a friend
dr. mickey ears Landon
frozen reeses mini p/butter cups
Bob's opinion on all my silly 'whatcha thinks'.

I'm thankful for tomorrows fresh start in a
new day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

so sew so

I'm obsessed. Patterns. Fabric. Trim. Cutting.
Basting. Sew. Sew. Sew. My days are filled with
all of it. I have projects lined up. Projects in my
head. Matching fabrics and trim. What matches
who. Who would like this. Who would like that.

Bob is glad I have something to fill my days
with. Me too. I still have genealogy, but after
so long in the computer chair, I have to move.
With sewing, I always have some hand
basting to do so I can change seating. It
really helps. I have sewing stuff strewn from
sewing room to my chair. Its great! Personally,
I love it!! Mess usually makes me crazy. But
this doesn't. weird.

But as I think about that, it really isn't weird.
I finally can have a mess. A mess of MY stuff.
Its not hurting anybody. Not in anybodys
way really. And finally, NOBODY is telling
me I never clean up, I'm messy. Is it
no wonder I love Bob so?

I'm thankful for/love

steam setting on my iron

bright colored thread

Entenmans donuts

new slippers

happy birthdays on site speed

unexpected naps

I always forget to take down Xmas wreath on
front door

Bob bringing in Xmas wreat

unexpected snail mail

I hope you are all having an easygoing week filled
with things that make you smile.

simple things

I have noticed a new trend of people being thankful for
the 'simple things'. Not in just blogs, but on face book
and on myspace. As I read those notes, I realized
its what I have been doing with my loves and
thankful fors.

As I think of all the stuff I have listed, I realized
that they were the simple things. And that they
really are the best things. They make me smile.
Feel good. Happy. Loved. I think thats pretty

I am sorry now that I erased my whole 'old' blog'.
I just had started getting pretty negative with it
and I did not like how that made me feel. Also,
as I usually do this late at night, those bad feelings
were taken to bed with me and made for alot
of restlessness. And heaven knows with the
pain I deal with I have enough restlessness
as it is. But I could have saved the loves and

I love Bob's moustache
I love a bargain
I love glittery trims
I love sparkly picture frames
I love the feel of clean hair on my shoulders
I love Priscillas blog
I love Kathys lasting friendship
I love the thought of my 40th reunion
I love reconnecting with old friends
I love raisen toast

I am also thankful for all of those simple things
above, that they are in my life!