Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter!

So in this picture the kids are a few years
older so no Easter Bunny. Which is ok, it
probably would have been the
same orange one in the other picture! ha!
This is in Riverside, '89 if I am not mistaken.

Aren't they cute! I made Priscilla's dress. Jeremiah
liked the 'surfer' style clothes. Love them!

And today is April fools! I hope nobody gets
pranked too badly! That was a fun day too.
Could get the kids with silly stuff, like...ohhhh
spider! But I made Priscilla cry one year, so that
was that for scaring the kids. I still feel bad about that.
She will say otherwise cuz I laughed.

I finished the dress I was working on. Turned out
pretty good too! And I am proud to say, I have
conquered the button hole! Next week, zippers!
Does my talent never end.....hahahahaha

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easters past

With all the wonderful Easter goodies in all the
stores and spotting the Bunny in the mall
waiting for little people to pose with, well,
it got me to reminiscing. Remembering.
Reliving. It was nice.

Dye stained fingers. Pink peeps. Yellow peeps.
Foiled bunnies. Jelly beans and marshmellow
eggs. Surprised faces at the baskets lined
up on the coffee table. Easter egg hunts that
were rehunted over and over. AND finding
that long lost egg 2 months after easter
which shows what a good housekeeper I am!
Ohhhh I love it all!

Here are my babies. Neither were afraid
of the Easter Bunny. Its 1983. I think.
But aren't they cute!!!

Hope you all are enjoing memories of long ago Easters too!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Well, I have had 2, two, count them 2 people ask why
I am quitting blogging. What. A. Following! ahahahah
I am going to keep this going, putting up pictures and
a few other odds and ends as I find them.

We went to see Alice today. LOVED it. Of course
I will admit I love anything with Johnny Depp.
He does those characters so good. And he did
the mad hatter just right. As it was a Tim Burton
movie, I expected it to be a little dark, and it
was. There were also alot of his trademark
twisted dark creepy trees too! Have you ever
seen a movie of his without them? But it was
a fun movie, at least for me, Bob was kinda
'eh' about it. Just the 3D details made it so
good! The dandelion puffs floating, the huffing
of the big old dog beast, dust motes, it was
great! Just not for kids. At all.

I am almost done with a cute little Daisy Kingdom
dress I am sewing. When I finish I will put
it on here for the whole world to see, that is
all 2 of you! hehehe.

I do loves you

Greatgramma and Melissa and Teri
Culver City, Ca.
I would say spring 1954

Saturday, March 20, 2010

what for....or pity party for 1

I have decided that it is useless and of no value
for me to continue blogging. I gave it a try.
Really I did. It's just not for me. I will go
back to my personal journal.

I am going to continute my fav/loves in
there too. I have been doing that for the
longest time. I have also found out that
I do have a lot of repeats in them. Obviously
those things are really precious to me.
Make ME, just me, feel warm and good
inside. I have decided that those are private
too. I mean, who really gives a flying fig except
me if I love butter cookies or rainy days. Or
the clouds in the evening with the gold
outline or tucking a baby under my
chin and loving the smell? They are my
treasures. Mine and mine alone. They
are the things that make me me, fill my
heart and soul with satisfaction.

I am going to continute sewing. What I want
when I want it. How I want to do it. I will
browse all those wonderful tutorials for
the how to's that my fingers don't
know how to. And I thank you for them.

I will ALWAYS be thrilled with Priscillas
blog and pictures.

And I am glad I did give this a try, because
now I know its not for me and not wondering
if maybe I should have one day given it
a try.
Loves you all,
Melissa.....daughter, wife, sister, mother, grammie
or as my dad used to call me when I was little,
kookoo bird.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

my chenille

In my last blog all I did was talk about chenille.
Chenille this that and the other. So I took a
few pics of the chenille I do have.
Its been put away for awhile in one of those
bags you suck the air out of but don't work.
Thats ok though, it did keep them dust free so
its all good. When I dumped them outta the bag
and on to the couch I was just pleased as I
could be all over again when I saw them. I
could not really get an accurate color on the
raspberry one, but its close. It is just lucious.
I just want to wrap myself up in it. Its in
great condition, no worn spots, discolored spots,
no shredding .The fringe is faded
though, but its not bad.

I am not sure what the design is. I just call it a star.
Its about a foot and a half across. Isn't it
pretty! So thick and cozy!

These are pictures of the white one.
There is a lot of discoloration on it. But nothing I can't
just cut around. The flowers are so thick and pretty.
And the colors are wonderful. The flowers are
all in great shape too, no bald spots. In fact
except for the discoloration, there is no shredding anywher.
Can we say yippee!

I really didn't do too much today. I finally broke down and
bought a "Loop Turner". I can finally turn those
little tubes of fabric with out tearing them up
and making my fingers sore. I just hope
they get it to me quick.

I am off to check out patterns for sewing with chenille.
If anyone has anything they can recommend
I would love it! I have been sewing for along time,
but I am venturing out of my safety zone of crib sheets
and bumper pads with matching blankies and lovies.
I have done one raggy quilt, and it is a raggy looking thing. Ha!
But I did my best and it really isn't bad! I will get a pic of that
next. There are a few other odds and ends I have made,
but I am finding spreading my wings so to speak
pretty exciting!!! Wish me luck!

I am thankful for and love
pg tips tea
that first sip of tea in the morning
being able to laugh at my many sewing mistakes
vintage fabrics and linens
glass buttons and tatted lace
all my moms old lace wound into balls
Dawber, Elvis and Fred

I'm thankful for all of you too, whoever you are
if there is anybody even reading this!
Loves you all!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

losses and love and being cozy

My daughter Priscilla and her husband suffered
a loss last weekend. One of those things you
never want your daughter, your baby girl to
have to suffer through. They miscarried.
My heart just ached for them. I said kind
words, but to me they were not enough.
I wanted to hold her. To murmer all those
words mommas whisper to their babies
when they are hurting. Even though
I said words over the phone, I hope she
does know how I felt for her, how I love
her. How proud I am of her.

She blogged her news with grace, saying how
she is so lucky to have the wonderful husband
and beautiful little boy she has. I hope she
knows how lucky we all feel to have her as
our daughter, wife, mommy. We all
love her so much!

On a different note,
I'm still immersed in reading all the craft blogs
there are, and there are hundreds upon hundreds.
And it seems each just as good as the last. I love
them! And I will say it again, so many great
ideas, fun patterns, beautiful fabric. Oh the
pictures. Thank you thank you for all of them!!

One thing about all those wonderful crafts/ideas/tutorials/
fabrics and photos, I want to buy everything! Books!
Fabric! Patterns! Ribbon! Threads! Quilting goodies!
Buttons! A day does not pass when I do not buy
something from ebay. Todays purchase were two
booklets. One for chenille soft animals. *I adore
chenille*, the other for some purses and goodies.

Chenille. Even the word is cozy. It brings to mind
grandma's bed and thick heavy bathrobes. Both cozy
comfortable things that bring warm memories. Well
at least they do for me!

I found a cute tutorial for slippers that calls for fleece.
I am going to use chenille. I'm making some easter
animals, nix the cute florals, chenille will do. I have
a cute jammie pattern for myself, will find a nice
chenille for them. *I spend alot of time in jammies
as I am not particularly the healtiest person in town*
Does that not sound sooo cozy!!

I think I have just talked myself into doing some
chenille shopping tomorrow! And I already have
2 beautiful bedspreads tucked away for just
this stuff! One a beautiful plain raspberry one
and a white one with flowers along the border.
I'm seeing a robe made out of that one!

I love and am thankful for
Priscillas beauty grace and strength
Gregors love and caring for her
Landons being his mothers son
the doctor who cared for her
the warm day we had today
the gentle breeze we get through the
house when we open front and back doors.
The lavender Bob bought for the backyard
for me.
Bobs happiness at getting his tomatoes started.

You all have a wonderful tomorrow...and if
you see something great on ebay...don't bid,
its mine! ha!
loves you all!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

keeping busy

I have been reading lots of other blogs
that have to do with crafts & sewing.
I LOVE them! So many talented women
in blogland. I spend hours going from
blog to blog, reading tutorials and
how tos. About fabrics, from how do
you store yours and how to cut. I make
sure I look at all the pictures so I don't
miss anything. Its great!

I have learned alot in the past few days.
They have gotten my own creativity going
too. I have found I can make something
with out depending on a pattern. And it
feels fantastic! I get so excited I ask Bob
a hundred times while I am making something,
what do you think? Should I do this? Would
this look good? He always takes the time to
answer me too. And he does have some good
ideas to boot! So it makes it even more fun
know I can share with him and he takes an
interest in what I am doing.

I am just about finished with a little tooth
fairy pouch I am making for my grandson
Wyatt who has his first loose tooth! Its
not the best, but my first attempt and I am
happy with the result. Soon as its done
I will take a picture. I already have ideas
on making one for Olivia, who has a long
time to go before any loose teeth happen.
Beads! I LOVE Beads! Fringe! Sparklies!
Ribbons! love em love em love em! ha!

Not much other news. Things have been
quiet. Its hard to plan alot when my stomach
is still so bad. I really have to call the doc
don't I. I do not know why I put off calling.
I do know I am sick of doctors. Well, not
so much sick of them as rather put out
by their inability to help me. And that makes
me tired. Sooo, I just am hanging in here...

I am thankful for and love
my favorite old worn stretched out soft
crawling back in bed in the mornings for
another hour of snoozing~
word search games~
snapple cranraspberry tea~
dark toast~
pop tarts~
when Bob brings home a movie that
I really wanted to see~
watching real housewives~
reading tutorials and understanding them~
getting my jammies on after a long day~

I loves you all and someday soon I am sure
I will get pics on here!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I really understand!

I finally realize what the terms 'chronic pain',
'chronic nausea', 'chronic this', 'chronic that'
mean! I thought I did. Really! I can understand
being in pain all the time being labeled as
chronic. What has really nailed it for me is
this constant, exhausting, depressing, mind
numbing nausea that will not go away. I get
it. Sorry to all who have chronic afflictions
for not fully realizing your suffering. I do now.

Anyways. I am anxiously waiting to hear about
Pricilla's docs appt. tomorrow. I know its not
her ob one, but its a start. Like its really the
official word that she is expecting! Its just
so exciting! A new baby in the family. It
really just doesn't get any better. My mom
would just be 'over the moon'! She LOVED
babies. And was so looking forward to being
a great grandma. I have this little bitty
album that was in her stuff that said
great grand kids on it. Kinda warmed my
heart and broke it all at the same time
knowing how much she wanted it and
did not get to experience having great

I truly believe she is looking down on us,
watching, protecting and laughing along
with us. And that she knows about the
new baby. I also believe she is driving
everybody else crazy talking about it!
ha! Just a picture in my mind that I love.
She could get excited about things!

Soooo I love simple things, like
1. the flower on my christmas cactus.
2. the smell of fabric softner sheets.
3. finding a just the right size box for
mailing in the garage
4. my pill alarm system Bob set up for me.
5. my well worn in slippers
6. chicken patties
7. black olives on nachos
8. folding warm clothes right outta the
9. the smell of warm clean clothes right
outta the dryer.
10. my new measure and press quilting board!

loves you all...and I just may add pics tomorrow! ha!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

egg salad samwiches

Yum. Egg salad samwiches. Just the
thought of them brings my mom to
mind. I can see her standing in
front of the kitchen counter
scooping the egg mustard mayo
and pickle concoction out of the
bowl onto bread, then ALWAYS
cutting the sandwich into quarters.
Unless you were going to be eating
them on a road trip. I can tell
ya, the quartered ones were and
are alot better.

Yea, I took the walk down
memory lane yesterday.
Cuz somehow we ended up
with almost 3 doz. eggs in the
fridge! So I grabbed the carton with
only a half doz in it, boiled em
up and made 'wanna be' egg
salad samwiches. Those are ones
made with the egg sliced thick and piled
on bread, thick chopped gherkins
all over the egg, lightly salted and
promptly eaten instead of being
lovingly chopped mixed tasted
and scooped.

They weren't quite as good as moms
but then nothin ever really is. And
they weren't quartered, but they
still took me for that much loved walk
down memory lane that always has
me smiling at memories of my mom.
And, Priscilla also likes gramma's
egg salad too. We got to share
them on a drive back home after a visit
to Clear Lake to visit. Remember Priscilla?

simply loved are

egg salad samwiches.
gherkin pickles.
old photographs.
soft socks.
oversized sweatshirts.
learning to make yoyos.
clean throw rugs.
throw rugs.
frilly little girl lampshades.

loves you all..sleep well..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

doing ok!

Had a nice and early appt. this morning with
my pain doc. Nothing out of the ordinary going
on, just a check up and refill time. I love this
doc and his staff. They have given me the
confidence to be able to ask all questions
and listen to all my thoughts on my care.
Its really nice. Not all offices are like this.
Most times its hurry hurry hurry. ick.

On the creative side, I was asked to make
a tote of sorts to hold a few diapers and
wipes. Something to put them in instead
of just sitting on a table in the den or
living room. I picked up some really pretty
fat quarters, matching 5 piece set. Pretty
tones of blue and brown. Its soo nice! I did it
with no pattern! yahooo!

Now its not perfect, but darned good if I
say so my self. Especially for my first attempt!
I know i am going to be making some for myself
to hold fabric and other odds and ends.

You know how there is never enough storage
or places to put those cute fat quarters, fun
yards of lace you can't pass up, even photos
I collect for scrapbooking. At last, no more
plastic sandwich bags!

Priscilla is making a diaper cake for a shower.
Its really cute. It tickles me to see this creativeness
in her. She is so good at picking colors and
matching ribbons and candies so everything looks
so put together and classy.

She worked on it all with her son Landon.
Now that is something I would have liked
to watch. He is such a little chatterbox.
Ahhhh to be the fly on the wall to listen
to the talk and watch his little hands try
and help roll diapers! What fun!

I love the simple things like

the feel of fresh washed hands.
the hiss of steam from my iron.
the texture of angel food cake.
when Bobs moustache tickles me.
brushing out my hair.
snail mail.
movie pop corn.
a comfortable pillow.
someone holding a door for me.
word search puzzles.

loves you all...

Monday, March 1, 2010

monday monday

I love and am thankful for the simple things,
a few are...

1.the news of a new grandchild one the way!
2.finding fun things as I clean a closet.
3.getting that closet clean!
4.planning fun little easter gifts for the kids.
5.thinking of Easters when my kids were little.
6.chocolate easter bunnies.
7.tall easter baskets with that crinkly see
though paper on them!
8. feeling bobs arms around me when I am
having a terrible night.
9. thoughts of Landon as a big brother!

loves you all....i'm pooped...good night.