Monday, September 28, 2015

I'm Back!

I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm back  I'm back I'm back! 
This is just a starter tonight to see what I have up
for pictures, background etc. But the damndest thing
is, it has been exactly a year since I have been in here.

No, really I did not plan on that happening, I just decided
this morning to give this another try. 
For one thing I am comfortable in here, my so called
'blog room'! Way better than face book where everyone
is telling me how to be a friend, recipes out the ying-yang,
and the stupid copied posts that I will just go to pinterest
to read if I want to see them. Know what I mean?

I had started facebook to keep in touch with family. None of
my kids or grandkids are close by, so thought it would be
a good way to stay in touch.  And it is. Sorta. 

So, as for me, I will now be having what I gotta say
in here. And that is that!

So for now, all is good. And I will talk to ya later!
Loves ya....

Friday, September 26, 2014

Rain Rain Rain, it really rained!

It Rained Today! And not just a sprinkle. You know the kind that makes your car look all gunky. Nor was it just a quick hit
and miss shower, the kind where you hear the rain, run to the
window to see and its already stopped.

Nope, none of those. Today it poured. Hard.  And it hailed, alot!
And it was wonderful!!  It came down so hard the patio roof
sounded like somebody was taking a hammer to it. And when I
saw hail, I was out the door. Stood under the patio and hail
was flying everywhere! Shiny little pieces of ice landing on
my face, hands, everywhere! Yes, I crunched a few pieces off
my hand too. Just could not resist. Could you?

I love the smell the rain brings. All the windows in the house and
doors were opened in the house to bring all that freshness in.
It felt good to think that Summer was finally getting out of the
way.  And it made me feel, just maybe, California was not
gonna dry up and blow away.

Now, I know it was just one thundery hail throwing wind blowing
rain splashing storm is not gonna take care of the drought.
But ya know, it did make me feel good, renewed, hopeful and happy.  A good start for the fall season...and so I say, thank you
God, I sure needed that!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Feeling a little blue??

I was! Oh yea, I was. 
I felt like a little kid, standing there talking 
to my husband, kinda kicking my foot, 
tears starting to fall, nose running, and for 
no apparant reason!
 *admit it, every now and then you feel 
that way too*!
  So he just looked up at me. He had to look 
up at me as he was in his favorite recliner 
position all tucked in with our 3 dogs. 
He looked for a minute and said, lets go 
for a ride. You need to get out of the house. 
You need to get some sun on your face.
Of course I said no. I don't have a bra
on and I'm not gonna put one on. 
He kinda rolled his eyes, and said its ok, 
we will  not get out of the car. Again 
I sobbed a no at him. I can't go looking 
like this, no make up either.
   So he pulled out the big guns.  Lets go to Sonic!
Okay. Yea. We can do that! I wipe my nose,
slipped on some shoes and was ready in a 
flat 30 seconds.
  I usually get a cream slush, but went all out 
and got the hot fudge sundae. Oh my.
It was sooo good. And on the way home, 
looky looky, 
Der Weinerschnitzel has 5 for $5!!! 
Yes it did, when we got home I went and took 
a nice long nap. Oh it was so nice.

I love my husband so much. 
I am so so thankful he is in my life. 
That he loves me. He gets me.
He wants me to be happy.  And I am.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Testing...testing... me me

Test Test Test
This is a test of your local blogging spot.
Can I still do this?
Is my heart in it.
Why do I not blog these days.

Shall I keep talking grandkids, sewing, just regular stuff?
Shall I talk about my journey with scoliosis and the changes
it has made in my life through the years. Does anybody
want to read that stuff?
I find it interesting. But then, I have the backload of 'bling'
holding me straight and tall. Of course it is interesting for me.
I don't talk about cooking. Did you know my favorite foods
these days are watermelon and Quakers Real Medleys Oatmeal.
Nothing much sounds good these days.

I am worried about my dad. Anybody else worried about their
dad? Mine dad is 85, and really slowing down. He is 85, of course
he is  slowing down and having problems. So We are heading
to Havasu to get a quick visit in. I enjoy those visits. He speaks
alot of his past these days. I love those stories.

I will get to see my sister too. Anybody else miss their sister?
I didn't used to. Oh lordy no. She was the definition of the
'mean big sister'. Anybody else have one of those. Gosh they
could be exhausting couldnt they. I am lucky these days,
she has seen the error of her ways. (I have always wanted
to say that). We are actually good friends now. I Love Her.

So, I guess I can do this blog thing again. Once I just started
talking to myself it was easy to get all this typed.

pictures will be added at a later date..I have a trip to get ready for

Big Hugs to anyone out there who needs one!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I can see clearly now....

It was time for new glasses. It had to be. 
Everything was blurry. Again. Its really 
been weird. A few years ago I was put 
on oxygen for a short time. When I 
had my eyes checked, they had improved! 
Doc said that happens sometimes when 
people are on oxygen. So, about 6 months later,
I was taken off oxygen. Eek.
Its must be true. Things are blurring up. Alot.  

So got my new script, bifocals. No biggie. 
Got used to them pretty quickly. 
But, you guessed it,  a few months later, 
things were getting blurry again. 
Those were difficult. There was only a close
up or far away. I could not see the middle stuff. 
Hated it.Come to find out, the meds I am on for 
pain, will affect the eye muscles. Really? 
Now why did not anybody tell me that.
So anyways, I have new glasses. Again. 
Aren't theycute! They match my hair ha! 
And I ditched the bifocals,
so am now trying to get used to these 
lineless things.WEIRDNESS. I am a 
little slow getting going with things, 
have to find the right part of the glasses to look 
through. But they have not given me a 
headache or made me woozy so I will 
keep them. Its so nice to see things clearly!

I am loving 
my grandson Robby calling me back today
seeing the pics of Landon playing soccer
seeing Owen getting into everything! 
felt patterns. Felt kits. Felt felt felt.
getting a bargain on ebay
having a pain free day
See's candies

What are you loving today?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No pictures today...

I hope everyone has had a good Tuesday. 
The nightmare of Boston still weighs heavy
in my heart. I've prayed for them all.  But
I refuse to watch any more news about it.
I figure, the more we watch the news about
it, the more we grieve, feel horrible, ask why
why why. And to me, that makes those creeps
winners. They are getting what they want
Our dispair. I won't give it to them. Nope.

Haven't been doing a whole lot the last few
months. In January I had my bestest every
girlfriend come for a whole week visit! oh
it was soooo fun. It was  a real slumber
party...we even had matching jammies! And
did we ever act the fools.
 It has been a long time since I have
laughed so hard. Gosh it felt good. She
could not have showed up at a better
time either, a few days before I had found
out I had pneumonia. Let me tell you, she
is proof laughter is good medicine.

In June we are going to go see the grandkids
and I cannot wait! We will be in Colorado for
Owens first birthday!  So we will get to visit
with him and his big brother Landon. He is
such a good brother...we are so proud of him.
He has played his  first game of soccer!!
The pics are sooo cute!
Then we will be off to Texas to visit with 
Robbie, Olivia and Wyatt! Olivia will be
having a birthday too. Her 7th. Such a
big girl now. What fun we will have!

I guess thats it for now..

These days I am loving..
~babies who are getting that sweet fuzz
on their heads and it looks like their
head glows!
~A little boys first ever sports game!
~sweet tarts
~The wispy hairs around a little girls
~giving the kids a 'kissy face' and hearing
them squeal.

a little secret about least
two days a week I stay in my jammies
all day. 

loves you all,

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary
Dyrck and Teri!

Congrats on 41 years!
That is fantastic, oh my gosh,
41 years! I know its been a lot
of up and down during that time but
 there was always a lot of love in your home.
Along with a whole bunch of laughter
tossed in with all the noise and activity
of a house with 3 kids. 

Your house is full of kids again, and
just as full of love and laughter and
noise and activity. A home alot
of people would be jealous to have.
Love you my sister,