Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm ready....ho ho ho

I LOVE Christmas. I really can't bring it to just one or two
things I love about it. I do think the top of the list is the
way it fills my heart. I am overflowing with memories
of family gatherings, smells of baking & coffee brewing,
little fingers sneaking candies, laying under the xmas
tree for that special view of the ornaments and tinsel.

And as the years go by, new memories join the old and
as I browse photos both old and new, my throat constricts
with love and unshed tears.

I know there are hundreds of other memories made
throughout a year, but I admit, my fav is Christmas.
And I was so surprised a few days ago, when I got
up and realized, HEY, its November 1st. The holiday
season is practically here. I was sooo excited! I was
practically doing a jig taking down halloween goodies
and planning what I was going to hang where this year!
Silly me!
And I just can't wait to dig these treasures out of the
box and hang them just right on our tree....

and to make sure the tree skirt is centered just right *so the dogs
can't do any doggie damage to it*

And to get the beads draped just so around and around the tree....
I'm one of those thats starts shopping early. I don't buy an
over abundance of presents *Bob might beg to differ on
that point*. But I am always on the look out for just the right thing
for every one. Last year I sewed up all the kids warm robes and
they were a hit. So now I am off to my sewing maching to get
this years treats sewed up just right!
I hope you all are finding the special little joys of Christmas a
little early this year too....ho ho ho