Friday, February 3, 2012

doll clothes!

I love sewing small things. By hand.
For hours on end. 
I love taking patterns and scanning
and reducing them. My latest was
a Simplicity pattern of a felt
elephant, poodle, and bear.
Made them 40% of regular size
and sewed my little heart out.
Unfortunately, no pics this time.

What I do have pics of are the sweet
little doll clothes I have made for
grand~daughter, Olivia. The doll
we got her for Xmas is a Daisy Kingdom
doll that only comes clad in a cute little
one piece under garment and shoes
and socks.  I HAD to dress her!
So. I. Got. Busy.
First up, a little pants outfit with
matching apron and itty
bitty shoes. 

 And as I was making those shoes,
I learned that I do afterall, have
patience. And Bob too, likes
itty bitty doll shoes.

Next up, a skirt, blouse and
vest, which is reversable, and
of course, the itty bitty shoes.
For a little flair I added some
tulle between ruffle layers on
skirt. And of course for the much
loved sparkle all little girls seem 
to love, some pretty little beads on
the shirt and vest. Too bad they don't
show up on the pics.  And I
really must add, I love love love
this matching fabric. I have had
it hoarded away for a few years now,
waiting for just the right thing to make
with it. I think this is it!

I have a feeling this princess one
will be the most worn. Princesses
and castles and a cute little bonnet.
Yea, I love bonnets. Something so 
sweet about them. 

There are a few others, alas no pics.
A cute little polka dot dress, and a
little lounge outfit that is brown with
pink polka dots. Yea, I like polka
dots too. 

I just found out that my daughter is expecting
her second SON!  Oh I just love me some
little boys.  

I just finished up felt valentine bags
for the kids. Just small ones, about 
4" x 4".  When I asked Bob to pick
up some small goodies to fill them up
with, he came home with a FULL
grocery bag of goodies!  I think I 
should have made the bags a little
bit bigger!  He is such a good Poppa.
Just wanted to make sure they had a
yummy selection!  (I'm sure we won't
have any trouble finishing up the
leftovers.). After we finish up
the Christmas candy leftovers in
the freezer! ha!

I am still completely addicted to 
Pinterest! I have found sooo many
fun items in there! Great tutorials!
Great deals on Etsy.  Food to
drool over.  Pretty little dresses.
FANTASTIC sewing rooms.
And I know I am not alone. There
is SO much to look at on there!
Thanks to whoever created Pinterest!
I think I love you!