Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Love Soft Cozy Slippers

For Christmas this year I decided I
wanted to make the grandkids slippers.
5 cute little pairs of them! 

So I started looking at fabric and
fell in love with Dr. Suess. I
couldn't get enough. I think it
was the bright colors. Perfect for
kids. And who does not like
Dr. Suess characters? 

I started on Landons first. He is the
cute little guy in my last two posts.
Not the baby, the big boy. 
He is 6. 
He is a big boy. 
Just ask him! 

I got softest red flannel I could find.
Dr. Suess flannel and some soft
furry plushy fabric for the innards.

Aren't they cute!!

I decided to hand stitch
around the tops. I love
the look of the blanket
stitch on different things.
Nice handmade look I think.

I cute out the leather in the shape
of a footprint. Just cut it freestyle
to fit the bottom of the slipper.
Thought it looked pretty cute!
Its  red leather, bottom side
up. No Slidin' with this either!

 I made my son a pair of slippers, his
leather on the bottom was a big
heart. He is 34, figured your never
to old to know mommy loves you! ha!

*sigh* I only got this one pair finished
before Christmas. And I have yet
to start the other 4.The rate I am
 going, I will probably
have them finished by 
next Christmas! ha! 
hmmm... did I just jinx myself???

Today I am loving
Weight Watchers fudge bars,
the great care my Dr. gave me this morning,
the wonderful phone call from a dear old friend,
all the laughter during that phone call,
my STILL lit Christmas tree,
sitting in my warm cozy bed this morning having
that first cup of tea,
my last cup of  tea in my warm cozy bed.
and you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New Year

Well, Happy New Years everyone!
My wish for you all is a year filled with
love, a home full of laughter, time
\ with all your favorite people and 
time just for you. And what
ever else your heart desires. Ha!

As for me, gosh I have never been
one to write down resolutions & try
to follow them to a T. 
There are a few things I am going
to try to do this year. They are
simple everyday things that I
sometimes forget to do. 

#1.   Be Helpful. Those
extra hands are most appreciated.
Makes most jobs and tasks 
easier and faster. 

#2. Try to eat better. Chocolate
is good but better in moderation.

#3. Visit my favorite people as
often as I can! We so enjoyed this
visit with Grandsons Owen (in
poppas arms) and Landon.

#4.  Go more places with
those favorite people! And
be sure to have pictures taken.
So many people do not want
their pictures taken. Let
your picture be taken. We
love you and want those memories
of you!!

#5. Have a good time! And let people
know that you are! It can really
make someones day to know
you had a good time being with them!

#6. Rest when you get a chance. Its good for
your soul to be rested and content.

#7.  Work hard for what I want.
Good things usually happen when
you put forth a good effort!!

#8. Smile more!! Its contagious!

#9. I am going to try and get
more exercise.  Its good for me,
and besides, rolling around on the
floor can be fun!

Those are the basic ones I want
to try and achieve. None of them
are really difficult to do. Just
a lot of common sense stuff that
can sometimes just be put on the
back burner.  Now that I am thinking
about it, there is another one that
I have already been trying to do
constantly, and that is telling the
people in my life that I love, that
I love them. Whenever I hang up the
phone from my sister, husband,  friends,
anyone close, I always hang up with an
"I Love You". 
Some days, those words can really make
a crummy day better.