Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Landon!!!
We can't believe you  are six years old

Landon Cooper Teague 6 years old!
Happy Birthday!!
You are the best big boy ever and Poppa and
I love you so much.  You are such
a loving little guy and the best
big brother Owen could ever want.
It makes us so happy to see the love you 
have for him. 

Look how cute you both are.

Your mommy and daddy love to take you
places and spend time with you. 
They Love you SOOOO Much!

When you play, you put your heart into it and
have the best time that you can. 

We love to see you with your daddy.
Wow you look so much alike!

And oh how you make us laugh!!

 Poppa had a pretty hard time not
laughing out loud when you did  a
perfect fishy~face. 

We think your are so special now, we
can't wait to see how great you are
as you grow up!
Love you Landon,
Hugs and smooches
Poppa and Grammie

Monday, August 20, 2012

Where did summer go?

I kinda just quit the blog world for summer it
seems. The first of summer was great! 
We traveled to Texas to visit the grandkids,
meet our new grandson, and watch his brothers
delight in his arrival.

It was a wonderful time, filled with bunches
of kisses and hugs and giggles. What could
be better, except of course a sweet brand
spankin' new grandson?  

My aunt and I have decided to sell a few of
the odds and ends we make at a Christmas
Craft Fair at the Senior Center here in town.
It was an easy decision, but for some reason
it has sent me into some kind of silly panic.
Me sell something besides making baby bedding 
to give and sell to friends and family? YIKES!

My daughter and her husband, who is active duty
A.F., just got transferred to Colorado Springs
from Abilene. And need I say more than they are
lovin' it? Mountains instead of desert scrub brush?!
Easy choice, except I want to move to that
scrub brush area! ha!

this is short, I need to get pics in order to put on here,
and read lots of my favorite blogs that I have ignored
alllll summer. I can't believe I did that. I love all you
bloggers out there!

Until later....

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sewing for Baby Owen

I have been busy lately sewing fun
little items for my soon to be arriving
grandson Owen.

As I spend a considerable amount of
time browsing pinterest, I have seen
alot, I mean ALOT of the cutest baby 
gotta haves! So I just had to give them a 
try. At least some of them as I have 
pinned too many to make, as I am sure
alot of us have!  *you know I'm right*

The first have to make is thebaby boy, 
ah, squirt stopper? You know, when 
you take the diaper off and the second
you do baby lets loose with a quick
 squirt! These will protect you and him
both!!  To make them extra absorbant,
 I used regular cotton fabric for
 outside, lined with flannel then used
chenille on top of the flannel. Figured 
that would be pretty absorbant. Ain't
they just the cutest???

Owens momma had seen the sweet  little leg
 warmers  made from adult socks and wanted
some so I just had to oblige. As new babies legs 
are just so sweet and small I used girls sized 
knee socks so they would not be too baggy.
Will use larger ones when baby gets older and 
gets on the move! LOVE the colors!

 I fell in love with Riley Blakes fabric, Scoot.
 Made some small bibs out of that. 
And again, middle layer is flannel 
and then a layer of terry.  Figure 
thats good enough while baby is small.
And burp rags can catch overflow!

I made a few burp clothes, have plans to 
make more. I just used cute flannel I had 
on hand, put a double layer of flannel in
 middle and then more chenille on top of 
that.  They are sooo soft!

 I am just starting to do appliques, and
thought this would be cute. I just put
tissue on the onsies top and kinda
outlined the edges and sketched
where I wanted the lines of the front
of the vest to go. Added mismatched
buttons, stitched fake buttonholes
and ta~da! I think it turned out 
pretty cute for a first time attempt.
Now if it just holds up in the laundry!!!!
 Of course Owen has to have a taggie,
and I wanted to do his initial. Thought
about just doing the O alone, but  when
I set it on top of this fabric, knew it had 
to be this way.The fabric is Moda,
 Grow with Me.

 Closer shot of the vest, love the buttons!

I thought it would be cute if I made
some kind of matching shirt for 
Owen and his big brother Landon.
I had seen the appliqued ties
and had to make 'em. 

 Just tooooo sweet!
I wanted to make my daughter a diaper bag 
and this is what I came up with. The fabric is 
 Bunny Hill Designs for Moda, Puttin' on
 the Ritz. Its damask and so pretty.
I added a small charm on the handle *see it 
there on the left?* I hung it with grey velvet
 ribbon, and the charm is "made with love".
 A peek at the inside. Lots and lots of 
pockets both inside and out. The blues
are way different in these pics. The
bottom pic is more the true color. 

I am so excited about Owen arriving. He 
should be here toward the end of June. 
We plan on being there a few days 
before his due date, but just between you 
and me, I am not sure she is going to 
make it to her due date. The last pic I saw 
of her, hmmmm. She just looks ready 
to go.Could be just wishful thinkin' on 
my part. I can't wait to meet the little guy, 
and watch him and his big brother Landon 
together. Landon is 5 1/2 now and he is
pretty excited about the baby.

I have things to make so I gotta get....

and what am I making, why a special
badge for Landon to wear at the hospital
that says "Owen's big Brother".!!!!!
Love to you all....the grammie

Monday, April 9, 2012

Elephant Love

Said it before. I love hand
sewing. I love little. 
Whats cute but a
little elephant with
a fuzzy fancy collar?

 For eyelashes I used some
of that spider yarn stuff?
Worked perfect!

Of course we must measure
the sweet little elephant.
What should I name him?

Bigger question.
Which grandchild should get him?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clever Charlotte Guest Giveaway

Grosgrain, one of the best blogs I read, and she is having
great contest for Clever Charlotte. You must
follow this link and check out her items. To Die For!
I seriously want every pattern.

Clever Charlotte Guest Giveaway

Don't you just love a really good give away?  And when
they are just to cute makes this one even better!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scottie Dogs

As I have said before, I cannot
just sit in a chair without my
hands being busy. At all.
So when it happened again
the other day, just sitting
fingers fiddling with nothing,
I grabbed some felt, found a
pattern, gathered up the other
things I needed and got busy!

A little while later I had this sweet
scottie sitting in my hand!

Single sweet Scottie!

Got him finished up so quick,
figured why not another?

Second Sweet Smaller Scottie!

I am in love! But you can't
see how small they really are.
I asked hubs if he had a quarter,
he was behind me on the computer. 
Nope, will a penny do? 
Of Course! 

A penny for your thoughts?
Two for a penny?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crinkly taggie purse

My friend Kathy asked me to make some items for
her grandaughters. No Problem. I LOVE sewing
little girl items. No don't get me wrong,
I love sewing for my grandsons too, but there
is something to be said for ricrac and sparklies, ribbons
and pretty buttons. 

Back to the sewing, for the youngest one,
still just a baby, I thought I would get
creative and make a taggie purse for her.
The little taggie lovies are sooo cute, but
you are never to young to start your purse
collection.  Its made of felt, and between
the felt are pieces of a washed tortilla chip
bag! Oh I was in the kitchen crunching every
bag of something I could find.  The tortilla was
best, and big to boot. I always like a little
extra material on hand. ha.

I think it turned out pretty darned cute!
I had lots of cute little pieces of ribbon
from past projects and they are

 I think baby will like the bright colors of
the felt too. I found the patterned felt at
hobby lobby.  When I found it, I was just
doing my happy dance right there in the aisle.
Can't find it anywhere near where I live. And
a bonus, not to have to buy it online!

Next for baby is a sweet little sundress with
matching booties. With big red ribbons.
I'm a big ribbon fan too.  Its a cute
pattern, it just buttons on the top and ties on the
sides. I think the ties are a little thick though. But
they work. I should have used ribbon. tsk.

Next, I started matching aprons for the 2 older
girls and their American girl dolls. 
I have said before I LOVE cherry fabric.
When I saw this, I knew it was perfect.
The pictures are not that good. When I 
got the camera out to take pics, battery
was dead, so I grabbed hub's phone
to take the pics. Not nearly as good.

 On the apron fronts, I put a small applique of cherries 
with a little sparkle on it. So I took the sparkle
all the way along the top piece of ricrac.

 No matter what I sew, I always put a heart
on the finished product. Somewhere. 

I think they turned out ok. I'm nervous about
Kathy liking them though. I mean, I did
a good job. But I had a bit of a problem
with buttonholes. I would get a couple done,
then kawhacka..I would screw it up
somehow. Buttonholes are not difficult.
But the trouble I was having you would have
thought it was the hardest thing to sew.
Was making me crazy.

Next projects are some items for my daughter.
She is expecting in June. And I must get
started. I have a pile of fun items off of
pinterest that I just must make! haha
Actually, first off, a diaper bag.
then onesies with appliques.
burp clothes.
a Taggie 'O'. ( he will be named Owen)
don't you love it!
and what ever else I can manage to get done!

This week I am loving 
swedish fish
fabric with birdies
polka dot poodles
the soft pile of flannel I have
hub's hugs
surprise phone calls
purple calla lilies
j.c. penneys prices
a nap before lunch
orangutan island
talking to grandkids on skype
sometimes, it seems, when things are going
a little rough, I just forget to breath.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Right now

Right now I am in the middle of  some sewing for
a friend. Aprons for her grandaughters with 
matching ones for their American Girl Dolls.

And for their baby sister, a little sun dress
with matching booties in the same fabric.
The fabric is cherries, one of my favorite
patterns ever! I really need to get pics!

Right now I am getting ready to do some
sewing for my new grandson expected 
to arrive in June! And getting ready is
so so so fun! I have scads of bootie
patterns and tutorials happily saved,
some cute little flannel to cut them
out on! 

And I found the cutest and prettiest
fabric for his momma's diaper bag to
carry around all his 'necessaries'! 
Its. Perfect. 
Again, pictures later! I swear, you
will like it. If you like Bunny Hill Designs,
you like it! Sad thing though, I
found it after it has been out for awhile
so not alot left in all of my favorite
fabric sites. Darn. 

I have also picked up some white little
onesies, sized teeny. They are ready
for me to apply some cute teeny 
little tie and bow tie appliques.
I found them on pinterest and
immediately fell in love with them.
Now I need to get some white tee's
for babys big brother Landon so I
can make some matching ones
for him!  Oh my won't they
just be the cutest little boys!!

Right now I am loving my new
pulmonary doc, Dr. Dennis.  He is
the best. He is attentive. Wants to
know 'why'. Is trying to find out
'why', and best of all, he laughs
at my jokes and gives me alllll
my appt. time instead of cutting
me short. That  makes him a
keeper. Unfortunately, when your
Dr.s are all military, in a military
hospital, keepers usually don't
last long. 

Right now, I am wishing I was in
And I promise pics tomorrow and I
will show you why I love grey and pink.
And polka dots.  Gosh I love a
polka dot, don't you?

Friday, February 3, 2012

doll clothes!

I love sewing small things. By hand.
For hours on end. 
I love taking patterns and scanning
and reducing them. My latest was
a Simplicity pattern of a felt
elephant, poodle, and bear.
Made them 40% of regular size
and sewed my little heart out.
Unfortunately, no pics this time.

What I do have pics of are the sweet
little doll clothes I have made for
grand~daughter, Olivia. The doll
we got her for Xmas is a Daisy Kingdom
doll that only comes clad in a cute little
one piece under garment and shoes
and socks.  I HAD to dress her!
So. I. Got. Busy.
First up, a little pants outfit with
matching apron and itty
bitty shoes. 

 And as I was making those shoes,
I learned that I do afterall, have
patience. And Bob too, likes
itty bitty doll shoes.

Next up, a skirt, blouse and
vest, which is reversable, and
of course, the itty bitty shoes.
For a little flair I added some
tulle between ruffle layers on
skirt. And of course for the much
loved sparkle all little girls seem 
to love, some pretty little beads on
the shirt and vest. Too bad they don't
show up on the pics.  And I
really must add, I love love love
this matching fabric. I have had
it hoarded away for a few years now,
waiting for just the right thing to make
with it. I think this is it!

I have a feeling this princess one
will be the most worn. Princesses
and castles and a cute little bonnet.
Yea, I love bonnets. Something so 
sweet about them. 

There are a few others, alas no pics.
A cute little polka dot dress, and a
little lounge outfit that is brown with
pink polka dots. Yea, I like polka
dots too. 

I just found out that my daughter is expecting
her second SON!  Oh I just love me some
little boys.  

I just finished up felt valentine bags
for the kids. Just small ones, about 
4" x 4".  When I asked Bob to pick
up some small goodies to fill them up
with, he came home with a FULL
grocery bag of goodies!  I think I 
should have made the bags a little
bit bigger!  He is such a good Poppa.
Just wanted to make sure they had a
yummy selection!  (I'm sure we won't
have any trouble finishing up the
leftovers.). After we finish up
the Christmas candy leftovers in
the freezer! ha!

I am still completely addicted to 
Pinterest! I have found sooo many
fun items in there! Great tutorials!
Great deals on Etsy.  Food to
drool over.  Pretty little dresses.
FANTASTIC sewing rooms.
And I know I am not alone. There
is SO much to look at on there!
Thanks to whoever created Pinterest!
I think I love you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Meeting an old friend

About 7 years ago I joined a support group
on yahoo. It is one for people with 
Flatback Syndrome. Was so nice to
connect with people who knew what I
was going through, had advice and just
listened. Well as much as you can 
listen on an on line board!

During the first few months I met
Kathy. We seemed to click pretty fast.
Always had something to talk about,
felt comfortable opening up to each
other about what was going on. and
when I had my surgery I knew she
was praying for me as hard as her
little southern soul could. 

When I finally made it home and starting
my recovery, I remember her calling and
praying for me on the phone. When I
hung up, I felt soo rested and content,
I slept the best I had in days. I tell ya, the
power of prayer. 

So to shorten this up a bit. I finally got
to meet up with Kathy this last December!!
We flew into Texas to see the grandbabies
and Kathy and her hubby had moved up
from Houston, so it finally worked out
where we could meet! It was wonderful
to see her, give her a real life hug and
see that pretty face in person! We had
the nicest visit, much too short. And 
now that they have moved up to the
Dallas/Ft.Worth area, I will be able to
visit whenever we fly in! Yippee!

Me and Kathy

I love shy little boys seeing santa, and
little boys sporting a cute little mohawk, and
little girls who love their baby dolls, and
little girls who want to have sleepovers with
their grammies  and
awaiting the birth of my newest grandbaby in 
June, and
Bob's tattoos of the kids names on his leg, and
seeing mommy and son napping together, and
little boys in button up shirts, and
little boys in levi's, and
little girls who like to wear dresses, and
the power of prayer.

Monday, January 16, 2012

On the way!

I do not know why on earth I quit blogging, why
I did not just sit down and write. I loved doing it! 
I love talking about my grandbabies, what I am 
sewing, loves, finds...all that fun stuff.
I like to go back and see what had been going on, 
what I had said, (horrible memory). So its time to 
get back to it. 

But first, I am going to try to get my blog looking
a little  fresher, a few new pics, that kinda stuff.
So there. I am back! Ta~Da!