Sunday, June 27, 2010

School Pictures

I LOVE getting new school pics of the
grandkids. Its my favorite snail mail.
And yesterday new pictures arrived!
After I quit doing my happy dance,
I ran to the scanner to get them
on line. Us Grammies have to brag
you know!

This is Landon.

He is one happy boy!
Don't you just love school pictures?
I did not know they took school pictures
for preschool! I found out at the beginning
of the year when I received another set
of Landon. Just as cute.

We don't get to see him often. He lives
in Texas and his daddy is in the A.F.
We would like your prayers for his
daddy right now because he is doing
yet another tour in Iraq. He has
three long months left. So we would
appreciate all prayers sent his

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The happy Little Guy

Here he is. Our grandson, the little guy.

Sportin' a big smile
and his new robe...
He is doing really good now. All settled in
and used to the new Poppa and Grammie.

I have a new project in the works. Just a new
bag for me. I'm not sure if its considered a
tote or what. I cut the pattern thinner so
I could center the pattern on at least one
side. I of course did not think of cutting
the sides seperately so the pattern
would be centered on both sides.
I guess I just can't think that far ahead
of myself! ha! Anyways, its all
cutout and ready to be sewn up.
Its tomorrows what I wanna do!
stay tuned! ha......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A robe for the Little Guy

Since little guy has been here I've wanted
to make him something. Of course, what
I make all the 'little guys' in my life, is a
new cozy robe

Thomas the Tank is his absolute fav so
Thomas it was! I found a nice piece of
flannel on ebay that was perfect! I LOVE
little guys in red for some reason.

And here is the result:
And the back...

I will have to get a picture of him wearing it.
Its too cute.He always wears it right
after his bath and until bedtime.
And with the hood up which is even cuter.
The momma ties it with a bow which for
some reason just tickles me.

Next, maybe some Thomas the Tank Jammies...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cute little sewing kit

When we were living in Japan I was able to get
several fun items. This is one of my favorites.
A cute little sewing kit.
It is 3 1/4 inch long, 2 inches wide. Pretty small!
And look at all it holds! It is
so sweet. I haven't ever used. Just couldn't!
Too cute! And I love the little horn shaped
button that holds it closed. I don't know if
you can tell, maybe enlarge pic you can,
but there are 2 spaces for the goodies.

I'm wondering if I would be able to make one~
I think so, it does not look toooo difficult.
Ya think? I do have a nice scarf, that is
of the same fabric, wonderful pattern.
It is doing nothing but sitting in a drawer
for the last 10yrs. I'm thinking its time to
get creative with it. And this is the
perfect little craft I think!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Have been so busy! Been a long long while since
I have to care for a 3 almost 4 yr. old full time!
I think the difficult part is getting to know this
little guy, getting him used to us while he is
missing momma and dad. He is doing good
considering it all. WE do see a bit of acting
out which is centered towards the dogs. So
we do have to be extra viligant in that aspect.
Our dogs are all sweet hearts, but even they
can be pushed to their limits.

The kids should be back in town by the middle
of next week. I hope. As I don't seem to be the
healthiest person, this has really taken its toll
on me. Bob is a HUGE help and just dotes
completely on the little guy and is always
scooping him up and away so I can get some
rest. I love my husband.

Even with the sewing room packed up, I'm
not letting that stop me. We were very
careful with the packing, its soooo organized
so I know right where everything is. Today
I cute out a cute Thomas the Tank robe for
little guy. Will hopefully sew it up tomorrow.
These robes are so easy to sew up. I love making
them too.
I, for some reason, like the little ones to have
and use bathrobes. I love robes. I have 5.
ha! I use them all too. Well, year round different
ones. I am planning on making some summer
ones too.
I did take some pics of a tiny little sewing kit
I received as a gift when we were living in
Japan. Its adorable. I really want to try and
get a patter off of it and make a few others.
I have a few things, napkins and such, that
I got in Japan that I am going to use for
fabric for the sewing kit and a few other things.
Will have Bob load the pics up tomorrow. You
see, I have not yet learned how to load pics
yet! *hiding face in shame*....

I love cool summer evenings
I love Fairfields delta breeze
I love my husbands good soul
I'm thankful my daughters going
to be ok.
I'm thankful I get to go to bed early
I'm thankful for you!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fathers day is coming!

Well when did the middle of June
get here? I tell ya, time sure flies
when your keeping all kinds of
busy! *sigh* and none of it has
to do with sewing or scrapping.
OH well....

With fathers day looming, I've
been thinking so much of my
dad. All the fun things we did
as a family when I was a kid.
How hard he worked at 2 jobs
so we could do those fun things!
He was and is a really good dad.


This is 1950, Dad and mom and my sister Teri

I've finally joined the family...huge head and all! ha!
I love the memories from when I was small.
Christmas hadsuch a magic, the trees seemed
bigger and brighter! Packages wrapped so
pretty with lots of ribbon! The cards I always
worked so hard on for fathers day. You knew
school was ending when we were making fathers
day cards! It seems they always had us make ones
with ties on them. I hated them. My dad
never wore a tie!But he sure didn't seem to
mind when I gave him the card. Made me so
proud I worked so hard on it.

I hope my kids have those same kinds of
memories. I tried so hard to pass on the love
I always felt with my family on holidays.
To make them feelspecial...
know they were loved.

ON a different note, I am busy
packing up my sewing room, hating
every minute of it. Finished putting away
allll my scrapbookingpaper and tools.
Will work on fabric and trims later today.
As I have been sorting
through stuff, actually goodwilling a few
things I know I will never ever use, I
realize just how blessed I am. I have so
much. And so much to share. I have to
keep this in my mind during this whole
family situation. I've put my big girl
panties on and decided I can get
through this with a smile.!

I love allllll my fabric!
I am thankful for allll my fabric!
I love all my family pics
I'm thankful I have so many of them!
I love scrapbooking
I'm thankful I have a huge rollalong storage
for all my scrapbooking papers and dodads.
I love pie ha!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm torn

As I said previoiusly my son and his family
are going to live with us which hopefully
will be just a short while. Yes, I said a short
while. something I never dreamed I
would ever say about one of my kids.
But this certain 'kid' , 36 yr.old kid,
has had a pretty terrible history of his
own making.

I used to feel so guilty for all of his
problems. If I only would have done
this, or that, or the other. But over
the years I have come to realize
I did all I could as a mother. I tried
to guide him, to teach him right
and wrong. That there were consequences for his actions.
Love him unconditionally and help him when he
needed help.

He made some very bad choices many times.
I was always there for him in one way or another.
So when do you as a parent say I'm tired?
Do you keep bailing them out at any age?
I really don't know if I can do this. My health
is not the best and I'm already stressing.
Its so difficult.

People who are close to us say oh its such
a wonderful thing to open your home. Your
warm loving Well,
I do not feel it anymore with this kid. I feel
as we are again being used. When I showed
him the room they would be staying in,
which is now my sewing room, and all that
I had to pack up and store, I didn't even
get a 'we appreciate you doing this', or
I'm sorry you have to move this. Or ANYTHING.
They just looked in the room and said
ok. I don't get it.

I can't even pray I'm so upset. I know I
should, I would feel better. I guess I'm
to deep in my own little pity party.

My husband has worked hard to give us
this life we have. Its a simple life. We
have a nice little home. We are very
careful with our money so we can
take the occassional trip to visit kids,
or a weekend for ourselves. Am I
wrong to be hurt they don't care they
are disrupting our lives without a
second thought?

I know I am whining, but I had to get this
out. Put my thoughts down and be
able to read them to see if I am just
over reacting. So why did we say ok
come stay here. They had a 4 yr
old with them. Which makes it even
harder. Heck, mama hasn't even called
him in the 2 days they have been gone.

I know God never gives us more than
we can handle. What is he teaching me
with this one though?

I'm thankful for Bob's strength
I love lays potato chips
I'm thankful for the bright sun today
I love Bob's quickly growing cucumbers!
I love warm tomatoes off the vines
I'm thankful for my life
I love hearing the laughter of a toddler

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lots going on these days!

There has been soooo much going on lately!
As I said in my last post, my son and his
family were coming to visit! Yippee!
It actually ended up taking a bit of doing
getting them here, but arrive they did!

With news nobody cared for. They lost
their apt. and as of that night they
were homeless. Geez.

They decided to move up here for a fresh
start, but in the meantime had to head
back home to get a few things worked out
and sorted through. As they were not sure
where they were going to stay, we offered
to let the little guy stay here with us
for the 2 weeks. And he is here!

Its nice having a little one in the house.
Has been a long time since we have had
one here without a parent! Just like riding
a bike ya don't forget how ha!

So this is his second day without the
'mama' and he is doing great! Of course
we are getting used to each other
and new rules and such,but all in all
its all good!

I am surprised at how different I feel
in caring for a 4yr old as a grandmother
and not a mother. I still have little
'rules' I guess you would call them,
but there is a different softness in
myself. I just don't find myself reaching
the point of pulling my hair out or
getting exasperated easily.

I love being a grammie. I wish
my other grandkids were here,
or at least close by. Texas
is soooo far away from No.Calif.
But its wonderous at how far
your heart can stretch. And its
all wrapped up tight around
the other 4 sweeties in Texas.

Later I will talk about my son
moving in here.....yikes!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

cuddly fire engine quilt

I'm sooo excited! THis weekend my son and his new
family, wife Brandy and her son Calvin are coming
for a visit! I have met Brandy briefly once before
and she is the sweetest girl. So easy to talk to,
funny sweet. A great daughter in law!
But I have not met her son Calvin yet. But
I get to this weekend! So to make him feel welcome
I decided to make him a quilt.
A cuddly fire engine quilt!
What little boy doesn't like fire engines?

And of course it had to be a raggy quilt. For some reason
these just seem extra cuddly.

And of course I had to be sure there were dalmations included!
The flannel and the other 'white' looking portions are all
actually a lovely warm ecru. It gives the quilt/blankie
a warm old look. Which I love. Reminds me of the
quilts a great aunt used to make.

And it had to be fire engines. Bob is a retired fire chief
in the Air Force. So of course there are fireman
related items through the house. So Calvin
should now feel like part of the family to have
his own fireman stuff just like Poppa Bob.

I'm thankful for new family members
I love having another grandson without the wait!
I love how this quilt turned out
I'm thankful I had exactly the right remnants for it
I love the hunt for remnants
I'm thankful David and his family live in Ca.
I love chocolate cheerios
I love lounge clothes
I thankful the bird is quiet today
I'm thankful for you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm thankful for Tuesday

I'm thankful for Tuesday
I'm love my soft jammies
I'm thankful to have so many soft jammies
I'm thankful for Bob's silliness
I'm thankful Priscilla posts so many pictures
I love Priscilla calling me mama san
I love mini drumsticks
I'm thankful all my new sewing books
I love sewing by hand
I love retro/old fashioned looking fabric
I love flannel fabric
I'm thankful for having so much fabric
I'm thankful for all of you and your great blogs!