Sunday, June 27, 2010

School Pictures

I LOVE getting new school pics of the
grandkids. Its my favorite snail mail.
And yesterday new pictures arrived!
After I quit doing my happy dance,
I ran to the scanner to get them
on line. Us Grammies have to brag
you know!

This is Landon.

He is one happy boy!
Don't you just love school pictures?
I did not know they took school pictures
for preschool! I found out at the beginning
of the year when I received another set
of Landon. Just as cute.

We don't get to see him often. He lives
in Texas and his daddy is in the A.F.
We would like your prayers for his
daddy right now because he is doing
yet another tour in Iraq. He has
three long months left. So we would
appreciate all prayers sent his


  1. Glad you like the pictures!!!!

  2. Cuteness!!!!!!
    Snail mail is the best!!! It is always nice to see something besides bills! :D
    Have a great one!