Thursday, July 1, 2010

some a this and some a that

Finally finshed something for myself!
And I LOVE it! Just a big tote bag,
but its perfect in my eyes.
And I managed to get the flower
centered on at least one side! yay!
Isn't it cute!
Nice and roomy and didn't
droop and hang when I filled it up
with all the things I find important
to haul around! That was a big
big plus in my book!

When I had the straps all pinned
and ready to be sewed I realized
the way they were you could not see
the flower! So I swapped them from
being back to front straps to
front to front and back to back
straps. It worked. I'm happy.
The flower is in full view.

I had a docs. appt. this morning.
It was my paint management doc.
Great doc, always listens to what I
have to say, ready always with a
positive word or thought and
keeps me comfortable in my
everyday life.

We have a few trips in the works and
I am so happy. Texas in Sept. to play
with grandbabies, Reno in Oct.
to go eat ribs at a cookoff,
Vegas in August to celebrate
middle daughters birthday! All
fun stuff and I cant wait.

I also have a genealogical scrapbook
in the works for a good friend.
Have lots to do on that as I am
just getting started. But as I love
genealogy and I love scrapping,
I am not worried about getting
it done. Its great, two of my
favorite things all in one!
Cool Beans!


  1. Your tote turned out great!!!!! Love it! I am happy that you made something for yourself!! :D Your trips sound fun!!!! Good luck on scrapping!! :D
    Have a blessed and safe holiday weekend!!!!

  2. It looks fantastic!! I always struggle with prints looking just right. You did a great job!