Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Cute Book

I finally got my latest book order in the
mail. I'm so happy it arrived, cuz like
it says, its just toooo cute!

I found a few pics on line I could share, This shows the patterns
and directions. Complete and easy. They are all for felt which
makes it all pretty easy.
This picture cracked me up, one of the figures sewing up another one!

Here is that whole page which describes the book.
Isn't it just the cutest ever? I will have to see if I
can find more pictures to share. They are adorable.
And have great names,one is called 'Liar',
another Pinkie, Bad Guy, White Sheep Black
sheep. It goes on.

Wish I wasn't in the middle of a huge project so
I could get started sewing some up. I picture
making a little drawstring bag and filling it up
with these little guys for miss o, my grandaughter.
She LOVES the little goodies like these. Perfect!


  1. Those are absolutely adorable!!

  2. Oh my goodness! These are adorable! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!