Monday, July 19, 2010

scrapbooking and photos

Have put sewing on the backburner for now. A
very good friend has asked me to do a scrapbook
for her mother. And as I love scrapping I
said yep, be glad to!

She has send boxes of supplies to me and
occassional odds and ends. An album,
lots of refill pages, embellishments galore,
gorgeous papers....oh its been like Christmas!
And I get to play with it all and when I'm done,
send it away!

She picked an absolute yummy album
by K and Company. They have such beautiful
scrapping items. Hard to not buy it all!

No thats not her pic in it, its just the one
included for the sale. Pretty isn't it!
*the album, not the picture* And
I get to fill it with lots of wonderful old family
photos. Alot which I get to touch up and repair.
And as my friend knows how much I love playing
with damaged photos, she threw a
HUGE challenge at me,
Can You Belive That Picture? The damage, YIKES!
So I said, oh hey, no problem, bit my lip and dove
in. And I think I did pretty good! *its still not
quite finished*
Yeah, not bad huh?
I love family photos. They are family treasures.
I cringe when I see photos that have not been
taken care of, or worse yet stored in those
horrible sticky albums. You know the ones,
you lift the page, and its sticky, so you put your
beloved picture on that page and drop the top
back on it. Then the page proceeds to discolor
and do terrible things to that picture.

So this is what I am spending my time doing.
Touching up, resizing, reprinting, scanning
and having fun!

In a few days I will start putting the pics
to paper and adding all the fun
embellishements! I can't wait!


  1. Ummmm...WOW! You are doing a wonderful job!!!! That is great how you can touch them up so well! Keep up the awesome work Melissa!!!

  2. Wow, you did a great job fixing that photo! It looks amazing : )

  3. You are doing an amazing job restoring the old photo. I found a huge bag of old photos one day at an antique store and bought it for ten dollars. I have used them for art projects but it is sad that the relatives of these people have lost their family records.