Monday, July 12, 2010

The Great Gazo

I'm sure you all remember a few months ago
when I was jumping up and down with the
purchase of my new car! Well I have stopped
jumping up and down, but still LOVE it!

And I'm finally getting used to the size.
Its just so small! I'm used to driving a
mini van with a long nose, so for weeks
when I would park, I would be nowhere
near being all the way pulled in! ha!

I am still loving the color, alien green. Yes
its what it says on the paper work. Don't
you love it! Well, Bob was washing it for
me over the weekend, and when he was
finished he comes in and says, 'The Gazoo
is all clean and ready to go now'. Huh?

And then I remember! The Flintstones! The
alien called 'The Great Gazoo'!!

So I guess thats the official name of my little car.
Now, we really dont name our cars. Well, we
did call one car I had 'the mom car' if that counts.
Bob has ordered me a small sticker to put in the
corner of the back window, which I think is
pretty cute. And as soon as it gets here
I will take a picture!

Tomorrow some pics of a
Cute Little Book that I just got!

I am thankful I'm feeling so much better
I am thankful for cool summer evenings
I am thankful for diet caffeine free coke
I am thankful for Kathy trusting me with
her family history
I am thankful for all my sewing books
I am thankful my daughter is a loving
strong wife and mother
I am thankful all my ink was in stock
I am thankful Dawber finally got a haircut
I am thankful for you!

1 comment:

  1. Gazoo...that is great! :DD
    I am glad you are feeling better as well!!