Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love these books!

I just love sewing and crafting books.
I am always on the lookout for
new ones, used ones, and just
about anything else that just catches
my eye.

BUT! In the last few years I found
a set of books that are just my
favorites. The pictures are beautiful.
Very simply, country home, a bit
of a victorian touch. I want to live
in the home that their pictures are
take in! 

Each page is better than the last.
The patterns are included and the directions
are sooo easy to follow!

 Could you not just spend the day in this
room? I want to make it all!

I am so glad they have a Christmas
book also! There is a flying
pig included that is to die for.
Also dolls, a boys room, stuff for
little girls. It is a must have if you
have littles to make fun things for!

This is their newest book. It is on the
way to me now. I could not resist it!
Look at those Santas!! I cannot wait
to get it.  I found this book on 
ebay and the seller had the book,
brand new for less that $3.00!! 
With just as reasonable shipping costs.
That is pretty much unheard of for new
books. Even for most used ones too. 
There are more of their books to
get, but I just do one now and then
as I have so many projects in the works
and it would be so easy to just buy buy buy!

I went to their website where I found
fabric, notions and other fun items,
unfortunately, not available in the U.S.
*sigh* I will keep looking for them
on line. In the meantime, I KNOW where
the books can be found so I will keep
my eye on them. Who knows, I may
find another $3.00 bargain!!

I Love: Olivias camera hogging  on Skype
              Robbys red red hair and deep voice!
             Landon and all his little girlfriends.
              Wyatt being so shy!
              Sewing xmas ornaments
              pinterest....darn you Priscilla
              old buttons
               pink depression glass
              the way Bob worries about me.

I promise to blog more often
Tell all my favorite people I love them
finish my projects
try to stay in touch better with long 
distant friends.

And thats all for now folks....nighty night