Monday, April 25, 2011

Back in my sewing room!

Its taken a while, quite awhile to be exact to get my
sewing room all put back together. The kids moved
out in Feb., and I could not wait to get all my goodies
back in there! Not that I don't miss the kids, but gee,
its my Sewing Room! ha!

Took awhile to post, months in fact.
In November I really got knocked for a loop
with not one bug but 2. Lucky me.
I somehow got meningitis followed up with C-Def,
a really nasty stomach bug which can actually
cause you to have to have a bowel transplant.
Glad I didn't get that bad. Oh, and I was also in
renal failure which if I had not gotten
admitted when I did, I had about a week left. Scary stuff.

I am all good now, going through some physical
therapy to get my steadiness and strength back and
its great. And that is all I am going to say about being
sick, there is so much more fun things to talk about!

And I am loving all the photos of the grandkids
enjoying easter, trips to the zoo, school fun
and joyful weekends. Those smiling faces
can't help but make you happy!

I have a few sewing projects in the works,
but of course, the first thing I cut out, I
lost a piece of the pattern. We dumped
the trash (day before pick
up...peeeeeuuuuuu!) No luck. It is
nowhere to be found. Crazy.

Been doing lots of hand sewing, making little
stuffed monsters, and its been fun, just being
silly sewing what I want for noses and
eyes and ears.

I hope you are all enjoying spring and had
a joyful Easter!