Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sewing for Baby Owen

I have been busy lately sewing fun
little items for my soon to be arriving
grandson Owen.

As I spend a considerable amount of
time browsing pinterest, I have seen
alot, I mean ALOT of the cutest baby 
gotta haves! So I just had to give them a 
try. At least some of them as I have 
pinned too many to make, as I am sure
alot of us have!  *you know I'm right*

The first have to make is thebaby boy, 
ah, squirt stopper? You know, when 
you take the diaper off and the second
you do baby lets loose with a quick
 squirt! These will protect you and him
both!!  To make them extra absorbant,
 I used regular cotton fabric for
 outside, lined with flannel then used
chenille on top of the flannel. Figured 
that would be pretty absorbant. Ain't
they just the cutest???

Owens momma had seen the sweet  little leg
 warmers  made from adult socks and wanted
some so I just had to oblige. As new babies legs 
are just so sweet and small I used girls sized 
knee socks so they would not be too baggy.
Will use larger ones when baby gets older and 
gets on the move! LOVE the colors!

 I fell in love with Riley Blakes fabric, Scoot.
 Made some small bibs out of that. 
And again, middle layer is flannel 
and then a layer of terry.  Figure 
thats good enough while baby is small.
And burp rags can catch overflow!

I made a few burp clothes, have plans to 
make more. I just used cute flannel I had 
on hand, put a double layer of flannel in
 middle and then more chenille on top of 
that.  They are sooo soft!

 I am just starting to do appliques, and
thought this would be cute. I just put
tissue on the onsies top and kinda
outlined the edges and sketched
where I wanted the lines of the front
of the vest to go. Added mismatched
buttons, stitched fake buttonholes
and ta~da! I think it turned out 
pretty cute for a first time attempt.
Now if it just holds up in the laundry!!!!
 Of course Owen has to have a taggie,
and I wanted to do his initial. Thought
about just doing the O alone, but  when
I set it on top of this fabric, knew it had 
to be this way.The fabric is Moda,
 Grow with Me.

 Closer shot of the vest, love the buttons!

I thought it would be cute if I made
some kind of matching shirt for 
Owen and his big brother Landon.
I had seen the appliqued ties
and had to make 'em. 

 Just tooooo sweet!
I wanted to make my daughter a diaper bag 
and this is what I came up with. The fabric is 
 Bunny Hill Designs for Moda, Puttin' on
 the Ritz. Its damask and so pretty.
I added a small charm on the handle *see it 
there on the left?* I hung it with grey velvet
 ribbon, and the charm is "made with love".
 A peek at the inside. Lots and lots of 
pockets both inside and out. The blues
are way different in these pics. The
bottom pic is more the true color. 

I am so excited about Owen arriving. He 
should be here toward the end of June. 
We plan on being there a few days 
before his due date, but just between you 
and me, I am not sure she is going to 
make it to her due date. The last pic I saw 
of her, hmmmm. She just looks ready 
to go.Could be just wishful thinkin' on 
my part. I can't wait to meet the little guy, 
and watch him and his big brother Landon 
together. Landon is 5 1/2 now and he is
pretty excited about the baby.

I have things to make so I gotta get....

and what am I making, why a special
badge for Landon to wear at the hospital
that says "Owen's big Brother".!!!!!
Love to you all....the grammie