Monday, August 20, 2012

Where did summer go?

I kinda just quit the blog world for summer it
seems. The first of summer was great! 
We traveled to Texas to visit the grandkids,
meet our new grandson, and watch his brothers
delight in his arrival.

It was a wonderful time, filled with bunches
of kisses and hugs and giggles. What could
be better, except of course a sweet brand
spankin' new grandson?  

My aunt and I have decided to sell a few of
the odds and ends we make at a Christmas
Craft Fair at the Senior Center here in town.
It was an easy decision, but for some reason
it has sent me into some kind of silly panic.
Me sell something besides making baby bedding 
to give and sell to friends and family? YIKES!

My daughter and her husband, who is active duty
A.F., just got transferred to Colorado Springs
from Abilene. And need I say more than they are
lovin' it? Mountains instead of desert scrub brush?!
Easy choice, except I want to move to that
scrub brush area! ha!

this is short, I need to get pics in order to put on here,
and read lots of my favorite blogs that I have ignored
alllll summer. I can't believe I did that. I love all you
bloggers out there!

Until later....