Monday, January 23, 2012

Meeting an old friend

About 7 years ago I joined a support group
on yahoo. It is one for people with 
Flatback Syndrome. Was so nice to
connect with people who knew what I
was going through, had advice and just
listened. Well as much as you can 
listen on an on line board!

During the first few months I met
Kathy. We seemed to click pretty fast.
Always had something to talk about,
felt comfortable opening up to each
other about what was going on. and
when I had my surgery I knew she
was praying for me as hard as her
little southern soul could. 

When I finally made it home and starting
my recovery, I remember her calling and
praying for me on the phone. When I
hung up, I felt soo rested and content,
I slept the best I had in days. I tell ya, the
power of prayer. 

So to shorten this up a bit. I finally got
to meet up with Kathy this last December!!
We flew into Texas to see the grandbabies
and Kathy and her hubby had moved up
from Houston, so it finally worked out
where we could meet! It was wonderful
to see her, give her a real life hug and
see that pretty face in person! We had
the nicest visit, much too short. And 
now that they have moved up to the
Dallas/Ft.Worth area, I will be able to
visit whenever we fly in! Yippee!

Me and Kathy

I love shy little boys seeing santa, and
little boys sporting a cute little mohawk, and
little girls who love their baby dolls, and
little girls who want to have sleepovers with
their grammies  and
awaiting the birth of my newest grandbaby in 
June, and
Bob's tattoos of the kids names on his leg, and
seeing mommy and son napping together, and
little boys in button up shirts, and
little boys in levi's, and
little girls who like to wear dresses, and
the power of prayer.

Monday, January 16, 2012

On the way!

I do not know why on earth I quit blogging, why
I did not just sit down and write. I loved doing it! 
I love talking about my grandbabies, what I am 
sewing, loves, finds...all that fun stuff.
I like to go back and see what had been going on, 
what I had said, (horrible memory). So its time to 
get back to it. 

But first, I am going to try to get my blog looking
a little  fresher, a few new pics, that kinda stuff.
So there. I am back! Ta~Da!