Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kindle Fire

The note from Amazon is FINALLY here!
I'm so happy, my new Kindle Fire has been
I thought it was to be shipped at the end of
the month, and knowing how my luck on
this kind of thing runs, I thought for sure
it would be backordered! Nope! 
I love my regular Kindle. Its never given
me a bit of trouble. I love the excerpts from
the books that Amazon gives you. Always
so easy to operate. And I really loved that
nice little button that says "Did you buy this
in error".  ahem. Yes, I have done that a
few times. And zip, as fast as it charged you
for the book, it zaps the charge away. 
Gosh, do I sound like a Kindle fan or what?

Lots of other wonderful things going on too,
Grandson Landon is now that wise old age of 5.

Olivia has finally figured out which bus to take
home from school. She is 5 also!

Wyatt's doing so much better in school! He was
blessed with the most wonderful teacher this
year. She is the one you want all your children
to have throughout their whole schooltime life.

Son-in-law Greg has new orders in. They will
be transfering to Colorado next summer. *I
know another overseas tour would have been
great...they sooo took advantage of being in
Germany, but I am happy they are to be stateside*
Selfish, yes I know.

My health is hanging in there. No new emergencies
or set backs. I did get a 'tens unit'...do not know if
it is the right spelling on that. I LOVE it. And it
really does help!

We are still browsing property in Texas. I'm ready
to move now, but we still have a few years till
Bob can retire. Sometimes patience is not my
greatest life skill.