Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yep, I'm still here sewing!

A few months ago, I caught the monster bug. I
had purchased a book called Make a Monster
by Fiona Goble. When I opened it up,
my imagination just did a happy dance.
At last, time to 'sew silly'. I followed the patterns,
in my own way that is.
Here are a few of the results!
Love the pastels, and instead of using fleece
I used felt and flannel.
I added eyebrows and hair to this one and
and used contrasting thread for a
frankenstein look. Love it!

I went crazy with a critter pillow pattern too.
Its so soft and fun. Who couldn't use a third
eye and extra long arms for hugs!?
Landon loved it!

I went from critters to comfy neck pillows.
I hate seeing kids in their car seats with
their heads bobbing around
when they doze off
Grandson Landon uses his, just does not like his
picture taken! His is made of flannel
and is a green monkey!

Grandson Robby doesn't mind his picture taken.
His is a doggy, and flannel too. So soft and comfy!

Grandaughter Olivia had to have a pink kitty.
I added a few extras, like a pearl toe ring,
eyelashes too. She loved it!

Grandson Wyatt got a dog too. His is dino fabric.
Nice and bright. He is such a big boy now (2nd
grade!!) so I couldn't use cute baby fabric.
He is happy with the choice!

It was such fun giving the gifts to the kids. We had
to go back to Texas to deliver them, there was no
way I was sticking them in the mail knowing I
would get hugs and kisses in return!

I'm doing ok. Still have my days where I just
can't get much done. That is when I sit and just
do some hand sewing. Most of the above items
were hand sewn. I love doing it. Its relaxing,
easy to do, and just plain enjoyable.

I have been reading all my favorite blogs, could
not go without knowing about all the fun things
being made! Thank you all!