Friday, September 26, 2014

Rain Rain Rain, it really rained!

It Rained Today! And not just a sprinkle. You know the kind that makes your car look all gunky. Nor was it just a quick hit
and miss shower, the kind where you hear the rain, run to the
window to see and its already stopped.

Nope, none of those. Today it poured. Hard.  And it hailed, alot!
And it was wonderful!!  It came down so hard the patio roof
sounded like somebody was taking a hammer to it. And when I
saw hail, I was out the door. Stood under the patio and hail
was flying everywhere! Shiny little pieces of ice landing on
my face, hands, everywhere! Yes, I crunched a few pieces off
my hand too. Just could not resist. Could you?

I love the smell the rain brings. All the windows in the house and
doors were opened in the house to bring all that freshness in.
It felt good to think that Summer was finally getting out of the
way.  And it made me feel, just maybe, California was not
gonna dry up and blow away.

Now, I know it was just one thundery hail throwing wind blowing
rain splashing storm is not gonna take care of the drought.
But ya know, it did make me feel good, renewed, hopeful and happy.  A good start for the fall season...and so I say, thank you
God, I sure needed that!