Tuesday, July 6, 2010

busy busy busy

I've been a terrible blogger lately. I have not even
done my fav's and lov's when I do blog! And that
was one thing that I was always going to do.
Shame on me.

Things around here are as busy as ever. My
son finally made it here from So. Calif 2 weeks
after his wife and the little guy. And of course
he brought another car full of stuff with him
so we are about at the crammed to the rafters
level now! Our garage is crazy...hard to get
to my sewing stuff now and that makes me
not too happy.

So guess what I am having the guys do this
weekend? Give up...ha, clean out the garage
so I can get to my sewing stuff and stay in a
good mood. Its like withdrawels or something.
I need fabric piled around me, thread and trims
within reach, patterns handy to browse through.
Just my little addiction I guess!

A bit of good news. For almost two years I
have been suffering horrible, dibilitating
nausea. It would strike so fast. Last for
days. And the docs did not know why.
I was scoped. Poked. Prodded and
questioned. Nothing. But I figured it out.
It was an oh my god moment. I have
been having a reaction to my muscle
relaxer I take nearly daily. Its amazing,
I have not taken it in over a week and
I feel sooo good. I had forgotten what
its like to be able to eat and not have
nausea accompany all meals. Its
amazing and I am so grateful its
finally been figured out!

I am thankful for my prayers being answered
I am thankful for my friends trust
I am thankful we are able to help our kids
when they need us.
I love Bob's cucumbers fresh off the vine
I love making salsa with sunshine warm tomatoes
I love 'repairing' vintage photos
I love quesedillas
I love cherry coke
I love you

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  1. Meds are the pits!!! I am so glad that you got it figured out! Still praying for you dear sister! :D