Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A robe for the Little Guy

Since little guy has been here I've wanted
to make him something. Of course, what
I make all the 'little guys' in my life, is a
new cozy robe

Thomas the Tank is his absolute fav so
Thomas it was! I found a nice piece of
flannel on ebay that was perfect! I LOVE
little guys in red for some reason.

And here is the result:
And the back...

I will have to get a picture of him wearing it.
Its too cute.He always wears it right
after his bath and until bedtime.
And with the hood up which is even cuter.
The momma ties it with a bow which for
some reason just tickles me.

Next, maybe some Thomas the Tank Jammies...


  1. turned out sooo cute! :D You did a great job!