Monday, June 21, 2010

Cute little sewing kit

When we were living in Japan I was able to get
several fun items. This is one of my favorites.
A cute little sewing kit.
It is 3 1/4 inch long, 2 inches wide. Pretty small!
And look at all it holds! It is
so sweet. I haven't ever used. Just couldn't!
Too cute! And I love the little horn shaped
button that holds it closed. I don't know if
you can tell, maybe enlarge pic you can,
but there are 2 spaces for the goodies.

I'm wondering if I would be able to make one~
I think so, it does not look toooo difficult.
Ya think? I do have a nice scarf, that is
of the same fabric, wonderful pattern.
It is doing nothing but sitting in a drawer
for the last 10yrs. I'm thinking its time to
get creative with it. And this is the
perfect little craft I think!


  1. How special! I so bet you can do it! When you do please take pics and show us! :D