Wednesday, June 2, 2010

cuddly fire engine quilt

I'm sooo excited! THis weekend my son and his new
family, wife Brandy and her son Calvin are coming
for a visit! I have met Brandy briefly once before
and she is the sweetest girl. So easy to talk to,
funny sweet. A great daughter in law!
But I have not met her son Calvin yet. But
I get to this weekend! So to make him feel welcome
I decided to make him a quilt.
A cuddly fire engine quilt!
What little boy doesn't like fire engines?

And of course it had to be a raggy quilt. For some reason
these just seem extra cuddly.

And of course I had to be sure there were dalmations included!
The flannel and the other 'white' looking portions are all
actually a lovely warm ecru. It gives the quilt/blankie
a warm old look. Which I love. Reminds me of the
quilts a great aunt used to make.

And it had to be fire engines. Bob is a retired fire chief
in the Air Force. So of course there are fireman
related items through the house. So Calvin
should now feel like part of the family to have
his own fireman stuff just like Poppa Bob.

I'm thankful for new family members
I love having another grandson without the wait!
I love how this quilt turned out
I'm thankful I had exactly the right remnants for it
I love the hunt for remnants
I'm thankful David and his family live in Ca.
I love chocolate cheerios
I love lounge clothes
I thankful the bird is quiet today
I'm thankful for you!


  1. I love the quilt - you're right in saying a rag quilt looks more snuggly. Great job :)

  2. what a wonderful mother in law are u :)

  3. What a sweet post. Thank you for sharing this special quilt with us!

  4. He's going to love the quilt. It has so much meaning behind it and it has fire engines. What little boy doesn't like fire engines?!

  5. Oh I soooo agree...what a WONDERFUL mother in law you are!!!! That is very nice to make the cuddly quilt for Calvin!!! I am sure he loved it!
    Chocolate cherrios...I have wanted to try...just haven't yet! :) Oh and I am so with you on a quite bird. Ab loves to "chat". When Olivia and I went on our trip Alex said that Ab didn't talk once. When we came home from the airport the blanket was on his cage and he heard my voice and just talked away...he never talks with the sheet on his cage so I was surprised.