Thursday, June 24, 2010

The happy Little Guy

Here he is. Our grandson, the little guy.

Sportin' a big smile
and his new robe...
He is doing really good now. All settled in
and used to the new Poppa and Grammie.

I have a new project in the works. Just a new
bag for me. I'm not sure if its considered a
tote or what. I cut the pattern thinner so
I could center the pattern on at least one
side. I of course did not think of cutting
the sides seperately so the pattern
would be centered on both sides.
I guess I just can't think that far ahead
of myself! ha! Anyways, its all
cutout and ready to be sewn up.
Its tomorrows what I wanna do!
stay tuned! ha......


  1. He looks adorable Melissa! He's one proud boy!The robe is fantastic!

  2. Awwwww....he looks like he is having fun!
    Can't wait to see the bag you are making yourself!!! :D You deserve it!

  3. It turned out great and it looks like he absolutely loves it!