Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fathers day is coming!

Well when did the middle of June
get here? I tell ya, time sure flies
when your keeping all kinds of
busy! *sigh* and none of it has
to do with sewing or scrapping.
OH well....

With fathers day looming, I've
been thinking so much of my
dad. All the fun things we did
as a family when I was a kid.
How hard he worked at 2 jobs
so we could do those fun things!
He was and is a really good dad.


This is 1950, Dad and mom and my sister Teri

I've finally joined the family...huge head and all! ha!
I love the memories from when I was small.
Christmas hadsuch a magic, the trees seemed
bigger and brighter! Packages wrapped so
pretty with lots of ribbon! The cards I always
worked so hard on for fathers day. You knew
school was ending when we were making fathers
day cards! It seems they always had us make ones
with ties on them. I hated them. My dad
never wore a tie!But he sure didn't seem to
mind when I gave him the card. Made me so
proud I worked so hard on it.

I hope my kids have those same kinds of
memories. I tried so hard to pass on the love
I always felt with my family on holidays.
To make them feelspecial...
know they were loved.

ON a different note, I am busy
packing up my sewing room, hating
every minute of it. Finished putting away
allll my scrapbookingpaper and tools.
Will work on fabric and trims later today.
As I have been sorting
through stuff, actually goodwilling a few
things I know I will never ever use, I
realize just how blessed I am. I have so
much. And so much to share. I have to
keep this in my mind during this whole
family situation. I've put my big girl
panties on and decided I can get
through this with a smile.!

I love allllll my fabric!
I am thankful for allll my fabric!
I love all my family pics
I'm thankful I have so many of them!
I love scrapbooking
I'm thankful I have a huge rollalong storage
for all my scrapbooking papers and dodads.
I love pie ha!


  1. I am sorry that you are going through this difficult season. I am happy to hear that you making the best of the situation and wearing a smile on your face!!!! God will get you through this!! Just think of how much fun you will have unpacking you goodies. Still praying for you and your family!
    Oh and I love all your pictures!! How fun. I am still trying to figure out what my kiddos should do for my hubby…

  2. LOVE those photos! Especially his do. Good luck with everything :).

  3. u were so cuuuute :)...very chubby :)