Thursday, June 17, 2010


Have been so busy! Been a long long while since
I have to care for a 3 almost 4 yr. old full time!
I think the difficult part is getting to know this
little guy, getting him used to us while he is
missing momma and dad. He is doing good
considering it all. WE do see a bit of acting
out which is centered towards the dogs. So
we do have to be extra viligant in that aspect.
Our dogs are all sweet hearts, but even they
can be pushed to their limits.

The kids should be back in town by the middle
of next week. I hope. As I don't seem to be the
healthiest person, this has really taken its toll
on me. Bob is a HUGE help and just dotes
completely on the little guy and is always
scooping him up and away so I can get some
rest. I love my husband.

Even with the sewing room packed up, I'm
not letting that stop me. We were very
careful with the packing, its soooo organized
so I know right where everything is. Today
I cute out a cute Thomas the Tank robe for
little guy. Will hopefully sew it up tomorrow.
These robes are so easy to sew up. I love making
them too.
I, for some reason, like the little ones to have
and use bathrobes. I love robes. I have 5.
ha! I use them all too. Well, year round different
ones. I am planning on making some summer
ones too.
I did take some pics of a tiny little sewing kit
I received as a gift when we were living in
Japan. Its adorable. I really want to try and
get a patter off of it and make a few others.
I have a few things, napkins and such, that
I got in Japan that I am going to use for
fabric for the sewing kit and a few other things.
Will have Bob load the pics up tomorrow. You
see, I have not yet learned how to load pics
yet! *hiding face in shame*....

I love cool summer evenings
I love Fairfields delta breeze
I love my husbands good soul
I'm thankful my daughters going
to be ok.
I'm thankful I get to go to bed early
I'm thankful for you!


  1. Will you be posting pictures of the Thomas robe? And I'd love to see pictures of the sewing kit.

  2. Praying for you!!!
    Robes are so fun!!!! I only have two...a spring/summer one and a fall/winter one. :)
    I love to read what you are thankful is sweet! I don't know what was wrong with your daughter but I am glad she is okay too!!! :D And I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!!! :D