Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Landon!!!
We can't believe you  are six years old

Landon Cooper Teague 6 years old!
Happy Birthday!!
You are the best big boy ever and Poppa and
I love you so much.  You are such
a loving little guy and the best
big brother Owen could ever want.
It makes us so happy to see the love you 
have for him. 

Look how cute you both are.

Your mommy and daddy love to take you
places and spend time with you. 
They Love you SOOOO Much!

When you play, you put your heart into it and
have the best time that you can. 

We love to see you with your daddy.
Wow you look so much alike!

And oh how you make us laugh!!

 Poppa had a pretty hard time not
laughing out loud when you did  a
perfect fishy~face. 

We think your are so special now, we
can't wait to see how great you are
as you grow up!
Love you Landon,
Hugs and smooches
Poppa and Grammie

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Melissa. I'm not sure I've been anyone's favorite before! You have such a cute family! I've been looking around your blog and the appliqued necktie onsie and t-shirt is just too stinkin' cute!! That diaper bag is something else too. You did a great job in that. I've tried my hand at some bag sewing, but I couldn't do anything that elaborate. It looks store bought! Thanks again for stopping by. I'm off to peruse your posts some more :) Hope you're having a Merry Christmas season so far :)