Monday, March 5, 2012

Right now

Right now I am in the middle of  some sewing for
a friend. Aprons for her grandaughters with 
matching ones for their American Girl Dolls.

And for their baby sister, a little sun dress
with matching booties in the same fabric.
The fabric is cherries, one of my favorite
patterns ever! I really need to get pics!

Right now I am getting ready to do some
sewing for my new grandson expected 
to arrive in June! And getting ready is
so so so fun! I have scads of bootie
patterns and tutorials happily saved,
some cute little flannel to cut them
out on! 

And I found the cutest and prettiest
fabric for his momma's diaper bag to
carry around all his 'necessaries'! 
Its. Perfect. 
Again, pictures later! I swear, you
will like it. If you like Bunny Hill Designs,
you like it! Sad thing though, I
found it after it has been out for awhile
so not alot left in all of my favorite
fabric sites. Darn. 

I have also picked up some white little
onesies, sized teeny. They are ready
for me to apply some cute teeny 
little tie and bow tie appliques.
I found them on pinterest and
immediately fell in love with them.
Now I need to get some white tee's
for babys big brother Landon so I
can make some matching ones
for him!  Oh my won't they
just be the cutest little boys!!

Right now I am loving my new
pulmonary doc, Dr. Dennis.  He is
the best. He is attentive. Wants to
know 'why'. Is trying to find out
'why', and best of all, he laughs
at my jokes and gives me alllll
my appt. time instead of cutting
me short. That  makes him a
keeper. Unfortunately, when your
Dr.s are all military, in a military
hospital, keepers usually don't
last long. 

Right now, I am wishing I was in
And I promise pics tomorrow and I
will show you why I love grey and pink.
And polka dots.  Gosh I love a
polka dot, don't you?

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