Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scottie Dogs

As I have said before, I cannot
just sit in a chair without my
hands being busy. At all.
So when it happened again
the other day, just sitting
fingers fiddling with nothing,
I grabbed some felt, found a
pattern, gathered up the other
things I needed and got busy!

A little while later I had this sweet
scottie sitting in my hand!

Single sweet Scottie!

Got him finished up so quick,
figured why not another?

Second Sweet Smaller Scottie!

I am in love! But you can't
see how small they really are.
I asked hubs if he had a quarter,
he was behind me on the computer. 
Nope, will a penny do? 
Of Course! 

A penny for your thoughts?
Two for a penny?

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