Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crinkly taggie purse

My friend Kathy asked me to make some items for
her grandaughters. No Problem. I LOVE sewing
little girl items. No don't get me wrong,
I love sewing for my grandsons too, but there
is something to be said for ricrac and sparklies, ribbons
and pretty buttons. 

Back to the sewing, for the youngest one,
still just a baby, I thought I would get
creative and make a taggie purse for her.
The little taggie lovies are sooo cute, but
you are never to young to start your purse
collection.  Its made of felt, and between
the felt are pieces of a washed tortilla chip
bag! Oh I was in the kitchen crunching every
bag of something I could find.  The tortilla was
best, and big to boot. I always like a little
extra material on hand. ha.

I think it turned out pretty darned cute!
I had lots of cute little pieces of ribbon
from past projects and they are

 I think baby will like the bright colors of
the felt too. I found the patterned felt at
hobby lobby.  When I found it, I was just
doing my happy dance right there in the aisle.
Can't find it anywhere near where I live. And
a bonus, not to have to buy it online!

Next for baby is a sweet little sundress with
matching booties. With big red ribbons.
I'm a big ribbon fan too.  Its a cute
pattern, it just buttons on the top and ties on the
sides. I think the ties are a little thick though. But
they work. I should have used ribbon. tsk.

Next, I started matching aprons for the 2 older
girls and their American girl dolls. 
I have said before I LOVE cherry fabric.
When I saw this, I knew it was perfect.
The pictures are not that good. When I 
got the camera out to take pics, battery
was dead, so I grabbed hub's phone
to take the pics. Not nearly as good.

 On the apron fronts, I put a small applique of cherries 
with a little sparkle on it. So I took the sparkle
all the way along the top piece of ricrac.

 No matter what I sew, I always put a heart
on the finished product. Somewhere. 

I think they turned out ok. I'm nervous about
Kathy liking them though. I mean, I did
a good job. But I had a bit of a problem
with buttonholes. I would get a couple done,
then kawhacka..I would screw it up
somehow. Buttonholes are not difficult.
But the trouble I was having you would have
thought it was the hardest thing to sew.
Was making me crazy.

Next projects are some items for my daughter.
She is expecting in June. And I must get
started. I have a pile of fun items off of
pinterest that I just must make! haha
Actually, first off, a diaper bag.
then onesies with appliques.
burp clothes.
a Taggie 'O'. ( he will be named Owen)
don't you love it!
and what ever else I can manage to get done!

This week I am loving 
swedish fish
fabric with birdies
polka dot poodles
the soft pile of flannel I have
hub's hugs
surprise phone calls
purple calla lilies
j.c. penneys prices
a nap before lunch
orangutan island
talking to grandkids on skype
sometimes, it seems, when things are going
a little rough, I just forget to breath.

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