Thursday, September 5, 2013

Testing...testing... me me

Test Test Test
This is a test of your local blogging spot.
Can I still do this?
Is my heart in it.
Why do I not blog these days.

Shall I keep talking grandkids, sewing, just regular stuff?
Shall I talk about my journey with scoliosis and the changes
it has made in my life through the years. Does anybody
want to read that stuff?
I find it interesting. But then, I have the backload of 'bling'
holding me straight and tall. Of course it is interesting for me.
I don't talk about cooking. Did you know my favorite foods
these days are watermelon and Quakers Real Medleys Oatmeal.
Nothing much sounds good these days.

I am worried about my dad. Anybody else worried about their
dad? Mine dad is 85, and really slowing down. He is 85, of course
he is  slowing down and having problems. So We are heading
to Havasu to get a quick visit in. I enjoy those visits. He speaks
alot of his past these days. I love those stories.

I will get to see my sister too. Anybody else miss their sister?
I didn't used to. Oh lordy no. She was the definition of the
'mean big sister'. Anybody else have one of those. Gosh they
could be exhausting couldnt they. I am lucky these days,
she has seen the error of her ways. (I have always wanted
to say that). We are actually good friends now. I Love Her.

So, I guess I can do this blog thing again. Once I just started
talking to myself it was easy to get all this typed.

pictures will be added at a later date..I have a trip to get ready for

Big Hugs to anyone out there who needs one!


  1. Thanks for the hugs and yes, I would love to hear bout your journey these days!
    Hugs back atcha,

  2. Glad you're back! I'm in a blogging funk too. I need to snap out of it and start taking pictures again!