Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I can see clearly now....

It was time for new glasses. It had to be. 
Everything was blurry. Again. Its really 
been weird. A few years ago I was put 
on oxygen for a short time. When I 
had my eyes checked, they had improved! 
Doc said that happens sometimes when 
people are on oxygen. So, about 6 months later,
I was taken off oxygen. Eek.
Its must be true. Things are blurring up. Alot.  

So got my new script, bifocals. No biggie. 
Got used to them pretty quickly. 
But, you guessed it,  a few months later, 
things were getting blurry again. 
Those were difficult. There was only a close
up or far away. I could not see the middle stuff. 
Hated it.Come to find out, the meds I am on for 
pain, will affect the eye muscles. Really? 
Now why did not anybody tell me that.
So anyways, I have new glasses. Again. 
Aren't theycute! They match my hair ha! 
And I ditched the bifocals,
so am now trying to get used to these 
lineless things.WEIRDNESS. I am a 
little slow getting going with things, 
have to find the right part of the glasses to look 
through. But they have not given me a 
headache or made me woozy so I will 
keep them. Its so nice to see things clearly!

I am loving 
my grandson Robby calling me back today
seeing the pics of Landon playing soccer
seeing Owen getting into everything! 
felt patterns. Felt kits. Felt felt felt.
getting a bargain on ebay
having a pain free day
See's candies

What are you loving today?

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