Saturday, November 16, 2013

Feeling a little blue??

I was! Oh yea, I was. 
I felt like a little kid, standing there talking 
to my husband, kinda kicking my foot, 
tears starting to fall, nose running, and for 
no apparant reason!
 *admit it, every now and then you feel 
that way too*!
  So he just looked up at me. He had to look 
up at me as he was in his favorite recliner 
position all tucked in with our 3 dogs. 
He looked for a minute and said, lets go 
for a ride. You need to get out of the house. 
You need to get some sun on your face.
Of course I said no. I don't have a bra
on and I'm not gonna put one on. 
He kinda rolled his eyes, and said its ok, 
we will  not get out of the car. Again 
I sobbed a no at him. I can't go looking 
like this, no make up either.
   So he pulled out the big guns.  Lets go to Sonic!
Okay. Yea. We can do that! I wipe my nose,
slipped on some shoes and was ready in a 
flat 30 seconds.
  I usually get a cream slush, but went all out 
and got the hot fudge sundae. Oh my.
It was sooo good. And on the way home, 
looky looky, 
Der Weinerschnitzel has 5 for $5!!! 
Yes it did, when we got home I went and took 
a nice long nap. Oh it was so nice.

I love my husband so much. 
I am so so thankful he is in my life. 
That he loves me. He gets me.
He wants me to be happy.  And I am.

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