Monday, September 28, 2015

I'm Back!

I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm back  I'm back I'm back! 
This is just a starter tonight to see what I have up
for pictures, background etc. But the damndest thing
is, it has been exactly a year since I have been in here.

No, really I did not plan on that happening, I just decided
this morning to give this another try. 
For one thing I am comfortable in here, my so called
'blog room'! Way better than face book where everyone
is telling me how to be a friend, recipes out the ying-yang,
and the stupid copied posts that I will just go to pinterest
to read if I want to see them. Know what I mean?

I had started facebook to keep in touch with family. None of
my kids or grandkids are close by, so thought it would be
a good way to stay in touch.  And it is. Sorta. 

So, as for me, I will now be having what I gotta say
in here. And that is that!

So for now, all is good. And I will talk to ya later!
Loves ya....

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