Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I really understand!

I finally realize what the terms 'chronic pain',
'chronic nausea', 'chronic this', 'chronic that'
mean! I thought I did. Really! I can understand
being in pain all the time being labeled as
chronic. What has really nailed it for me is
this constant, exhausting, depressing, mind
numbing nausea that will not go away. I get
it. Sorry to all who have chronic afflictions
for not fully realizing your suffering. I do now.

Anyways. I am anxiously waiting to hear about
Pricilla's docs appt. tomorrow. I know its not
her ob one, but its a start. Like its really the
official word that she is expecting! Its just
so exciting! A new baby in the family. It
really just doesn't get any better. My mom
would just be 'over the moon'! She LOVED
babies. And was so looking forward to being
a great grandma. I have this little bitty
album that was in her stuff that said
great grand kids on it. Kinda warmed my
heart and broke it all at the same time
knowing how much she wanted it and
did not get to experience having great

I truly believe she is looking down on us,
watching, protecting and laughing along
with us. And that she knows about the
new baby. I also believe she is driving
everybody else crazy talking about it!
ha! Just a picture in my mind that I love.
She could get excited about things!

Soooo I love simple things, like
1. the flower on my christmas cactus.
2. the smell of fabric softner sheets.
3. finding a just the right size box for
mailing in the garage
4. my pill alarm system Bob set up for me.
5. my well worn in slippers
6. chicken patties
7. black olives on nachos
8. folding warm clothes right outta the
9. the smell of warm clean clothes right
outta the dryer.
10. my new measure and press quilting board!

loves you all...and I just may add pics tomorrow! ha!

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