Wednesday, March 17, 2010

losses and love and being cozy

My daughter Priscilla and her husband suffered
a loss last weekend. One of those things you
never want your daughter, your baby girl to
have to suffer through. They miscarried.
My heart just ached for them. I said kind
words, but to me they were not enough.
I wanted to hold her. To murmer all those
words mommas whisper to their babies
when they are hurting. Even though
I said words over the phone, I hope she
does know how I felt for her, how I love
her. How proud I am of her.

She blogged her news with grace, saying how
she is so lucky to have the wonderful husband
and beautiful little boy she has. I hope she
knows how lucky we all feel to have her as
our daughter, wife, mommy. We all
love her so much!

On a different note,
I'm still immersed in reading all the craft blogs
there are, and there are hundreds upon hundreds.
And it seems each just as good as the last. I love
them! And I will say it again, so many great
ideas, fun patterns, beautiful fabric. Oh the
pictures. Thank you thank you for all of them!!

One thing about all those wonderful crafts/ideas/tutorials/
fabrics and photos, I want to buy everything! Books!
Fabric! Patterns! Ribbon! Threads! Quilting goodies!
Buttons! A day does not pass when I do not buy
something from ebay. Todays purchase were two
booklets. One for chenille soft animals. *I adore
chenille*, the other for some purses and goodies.

Chenille. Even the word is cozy. It brings to mind
grandma's bed and thick heavy bathrobes. Both cozy
comfortable things that bring warm memories. Well
at least they do for me!

I found a cute tutorial for slippers that calls for fleece.
I am going to use chenille. I'm making some easter
animals, nix the cute florals, chenille will do. I have
a cute jammie pattern for myself, will find a nice
chenille for them. *I spend alot of time in jammies
as I am not particularly the healtiest person in town*
Does that not sound sooo cozy!!

I think I have just talked myself into doing some
chenille shopping tomorrow! And I already have
2 beautiful bedspreads tucked away for just
this stuff! One a beautiful plain raspberry one
and a white one with flowers along the border.
I'm seeing a robe made out of that one!

I love and am thankful for
Priscillas beauty grace and strength
Gregors love and caring for her
Landons being his mothers son
the doctor who cared for her
the warm day we had today
the gentle breeze we get through the
house when we open front and back doors.
The lavender Bob bought for the backyard
for me.
Bobs happiness at getting his tomatoes started.

You all have a wonderful tomorrow...and if
you see something great on ebay...don't bid,
its mine! ha!
loves you all!

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