Monday, March 29, 2010

Easters past

With all the wonderful Easter goodies in all the
stores and spotting the Bunny in the mall
waiting for little people to pose with, well,
it got me to reminiscing. Remembering.
Reliving. It was nice.

Dye stained fingers. Pink peeps. Yellow peeps.
Foiled bunnies. Jelly beans and marshmellow
eggs. Surprised faces at the baskets lined
up on the coffee table. Easter egg hunts that
were rehunted over and over. AND finding
that long lost egg 2 months after easter
which shows what a good housekeeper I am!
Ohhhh I love it all!

Here are my babies. Neither were afraid
of the Easter Bunny. Its 1983. I think.
But aren't they cute!!!

Hope you all are enjoing memories of long ago Easters too!

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