Friday, March 26, 2010


Well, I have had 2, two, count them 2 people ask why
I am quitting blogging. What. A. Following! ahahahah
I am going to keep this going, putting up pictures and
a few other odds and ends as I find them.

We went to see Alice today. LOVED it. Of course
I will admit I love anything with Johnny Depp.
He does those characters so good. And he did
the mad hatter just right. As it was a Tim Burton
movie, I expected it to be a little dark, and it
was. There were also alot of his trademark
twisted dark creepy trees too! Have you ever
seen a movie of his without them? But it was
a fun movie, at least for me, Bob was kinda
'eh' about it. Just the 3D details made it so
good! The dandelion puffs floating, the huffing
of the big old dog beast, dust motes, it was
great! Just not for kids. At all.

I am almost done with a cute little Daisy Kingdom
dress I am sewing. When I finish I will put
it on here for the whole world to see, that is
all 2 of you! hehehe.

I do loves you

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see the dress!!! I love to see what other people make.
    You have three people to show now!!!! :D