Thursday, March 4, 2010

egg salad samwiches

Yum. Egg salad samwiches. Just the
thought of them brings my mom to
mind. I can see her standing in
front of the kitchen counter
scooping the egg mustard mayo
and pickle concoction out of the
bowl onto bread, then ALWAYS
cutting the sandwich into quarters.
Unless you were going to be eating
them on a road trip. I can tell
ya, the quartered ones were and
are alot better.

Yea, I took the walk down
memory lane yesterday.
Cuz somehow we ended up
with almost 3 doz. eggs in the
fridge! So I grabbed the carton with
only a half doz in it, boiled em
up and made 'wanna be' egg
salad samwiches. Those are ones
made with the egg sliced thick and piled
on bread, thick chopped gherkins
all over the egg, lightly salted and
promptly eaten instead of being
lovingly chopped mixed tasted
and scooped.

They weren't quite as good as moms
but then nothin ever really is. And
they weren't quartered, but they
still took me for that much loved walk
down memory lane that always has
me smiling at memories of my mom.
And, Priscilla also likes gramma's
egg salad too. We got to share
them on a drive back home after a visit
to Clear Lake to visit. Remember Priscilla?

simply loved are

egg salad samwiches.
gherkin pickles.
old photographs.
soft socks.
oversized sweatshirts.
learning to make yoyos.
clean throw rugs.
throw rugs.
frilly little girl lampshades.

loves you all..sleep well..

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  1. I do remember!!! And yes I do love Egg salad sandwiches, I can't make them though :(