Thursday, March 18, 2010

my chenille

In my last blog all I did was talk about chenille.
Chenille this that and the other. So I took a
few pics of the chenille I do have.
Its been put away for awhile in one of those
bags you suck the air out of but don't work.
Thats ok though, it did keep them dust free so
its all good. When I dumped them outta the bag
and on to the couch I was just pleased as I
could be all over again when I saw them. I
could not really get an accurate color on the
raspberry one, but its close. It is just lucious.
I just want to wrap myself up in it. Its in
great condition, no worn spots, discolored spots,
no shredding .The fringe is faded
though, but its not bad.

I am not sure what the design is. I just call it a star.
Its about a foot and a half across. Isn't it
pretty! So thick and cozy!

These are pictures of the white one.
There is a lot of discoloration on it. But nothing I can't
just cut around. The flowers are so thick and pretty.
And the colors are wonderful. The flowers are
all in great shape too, no bald spots. In fact
except for the discoloration, there is no shredding anywher.
Can we say yippee!

I really didn't do too much today. I finally broke down and
bought a "Loop Turner". I can finally turn those
little tubes of fabric with out tearing them up
and making my fingers sore. I just hope
they get it to me quick.

I am off to check out patterns for sewing with chenille.
If anyone has anything they can recommend
I would love it! I have been sewing for along time,
but I am venturing out of my safety zone of crib sheets
and bumper pads with matching blankies and lovies.
I have done one raggy quilt, and it is a raggy looking thing. Ha!
But I did my best and it really isn't bad! I will get a pic of that
next. There are a few other odds and ends I have made,
but I am finding spreading my wings so to speak
pretty exciting!!! Wish me luck!

I am thankful for and love
pg tips tea
that first sip of tea in the morning
being able to laugh at my many sewing mistakes
vintage fabrics and linens
glass buttons and tatted lace
all my moms old lace wound into balls
Dawber, Elvis and Fred

I'm thankful for all of you too, whoever you are
if there is anybody even reading this!
Loves you all!


  1. Yea, I am commenting on my own blog, I am not using this format anymore...sorry about that, its hard to read! Ha!

  2. I love the blankets!!!! I have made a rag quilt for a turned out okay. :) Do you crochet or knit? That is fun!