Wednesday, March 3, 2010

doing ok!

Had a nice and early appt. this morning with
my pain doc. Nothing out of the ordinary going
on, just a check up and refill time. I love this
doc and his staff. They have given me the
confidence to be able to ask all questions
and listen to all my thoughts on my care.
Its really nice. Not all offices are like this.
Most times its hurry hurry hurry. ick.

On the creative side, I was asked to make
a tote of sorts to hold a few diapers and
wipes. Something to put them in instead
of just sitting on a table in the den or
living room. I picked up some really pretty
fat quarters, matching 5 piece set. Pretty
tones of blue and brown. Its soo nice! I did it
with no pattern! yahooo!

Now its not perfect, but darned good if I
say so my self. Especially for my first attempt!
I know i am going to be making some for myself
to hold fabric and other odds and ends.

You know how there is never enough storage
or places to put those cute fat quarters, fun
yards of lace you can't pass up, even photos
I collect for scrapbooking. At last, no more
plastic sandwich bags!

Priscilla is making a diaper cake for a shower.
Its really cute. It tickles me to see this creativeness
in her. She is so good at picking colors and
matching ribbons and candies so everything looks
so put together and classy.

She worked on it all with her son Landon.
Now that is something I would have liked
to watch. He is such a little chatterbox.
Ahhhh to be the fly on the wall to listen
to the talk and watch his little hands try
and help roll diapers! What fun!

I love the simple things like

the feel of fresh washed hands.
the hiss of steam from my iron.
the texture of angel food cake.
when Bobs moustache tickles me.
brushing out my hair.
snail mail.
movie pop corn.
a comfortable pillow.
someone holding a door for me.
word search puzzles.

loves you all...

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