Thursday, March 11, 2010

keeping busy

I have been reading lots of other blogs
that have to do with crafts & sewing.
I LOVE them! So many talented women
in blogland. I spend hours going from
blog to blog, reading tutorials and
how tos. About fabrics, from how do
you store yours and how to cut. I make
sure I look at all the pictures so I don't
miss anything. Its great!

I have learned alot in the past few days.
They have gotten my own creativity going
too. I have found I can make something
with out depending on a pattern. And it
feels fantastic! I get so excited I ask Bob
a hundred times while I am making something,
what do you think? Should I do this? Would
this look good? He always takes the time to
answer me too. And he does have some good
ideas to boot! So it makes it even more fun
know I can share with him and he takes an
interest in what I am doing.

I am just about finished with a little tooth
fairy pouch I am making for my grandson
Wyatt who has his first loose tooth! Its
not the best, but my first attempt and I am
happy with the result. Soon as its done
I will take a picture. I already have ideas
on making one for Olivia, who has a long
time to go before any loose teeth happen.
Beads! I LOVE Beads! Fringe! Sparklies!
Ribbons! love em love em love em! ha!

Not much other news. Things have been
quiet. Its hard to plan alot when my stomach
is still so bad. I really have to call the doc
don't I. I do not know why I put off calling.
I do know I am sick of doctors. Well, not
so much sick of them as rather put out
by their inability to help me. And that makes
me tired. Sooo, I just am hanging in here...

I am thankful for and love
my favorite old worn stretched out soft
crawling back in bed in the mornings for
another hour of snoozing~
word search games~
snapple cranraspberry tea~
dark toast~
pop tarts~
when Bob brings home a movie that
I really wanted to see~
watching real housewives~
reading tutorials and understanding them~
getting my jammies on after a long day~

I loves you all and someday soon I am sure
I will get pics on here!

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  1. Can't wait to see what you've made :) I hope you get well soon and I find your dearest Bob to be so sweet :)