Friday, February 19, 2010

Sewing books

A long time ago when my kids were a
toddler long ago. I bought this cute little soft
cover book with some how to sew patterns.
Just odds and end stuff for toddlers. I used
it for along time.

And after another long time, now my kids
are all adults and have their own toddler and
school age kids, I have rediscovered sewing
books! They are awesome! Much gosh, what
I have been missing! I feel like such a goof.

I spend hours browsing patterns, looking for
unique ones, ones on sale, or a 'lot' of them
on ebay. I have done pretty good too as
I have so many of them. I would say at
least 200. Now are lot are doubles (from
ebay lots), some are old, some are they
kind of pattern I look at and say, well
I might make that one day. I just love
them all! They represent such possibilities!
Gifts to give, clothes to wear, bags totes
and purses to carry,baby layettes, baby
bedding...that should give you the picture.

And today, I rediscovered the sewing
book. They come with actual PATTERNS!
Wow! Sooo, I spent a few hours browsing
ebay, and did find a few that I thought were
interesting, but could only get this one to load

I have always wanted to try embroidery with
silk ribbon. Thought it might add a nice touch
to purses, blankies, Olivias clothes, my jammies,
stuff like that! I thought the price was pretty
good too, $3.50.
Now I know there are free instructions on line.
I can print them and follow them I know,
but thought it might be nice to be able to
sit and have the book at hand.

I am thankful for/love

my constantly wanting to learn to sew something new
more rain
all the trees in bloom
I'm almost done with that quilt
Bob wanting to plan another Texas trip
Landon took Daddy to show and tell for the
letter Ff.....firefighter!
all the 100 calorie snacks in the kitchen..

time to go...loves you all...a snack is calling

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