Tuesday, February 16, 2010

pony time

My grandson Landon, who is 3yrs. 3mo. old now,
seems to just adore his counsin Ava's ponys.
These are the little plastic ponys that usually
have some nice bright manes and tails with
girly colors. bright pink. bright blue. bright
purple. (see below)

Look at that happy face! What fun! A pony!
What kid doesn't like a pony?! This one
sure does.

And this has been goin on a little while now,
see this next picture was taken at
Christmas. Thats Ava sitting with
him. And on the other, the ponies!

He loves them! Sooo, I'm thinking Poppa Bob and I
will be sending him a pony, or two, for Easter! Now
if they are bright colors, they match Easter! Won't
he love them!! Yep...got to put that on my todo

I love/and thankful for

getting surprises for the grandbabies
the excitement of seeing them when we
first arrive in town.
adding pictures to the family tree.
watching the family tree grow.
losing all track of time in my sewing room.
warm springlike days in winter
opening the doors and filling the
house with fresh air.

and I love going to bed...goodnight!

1 comment:

  1. NO Pony buying please. He had one of his own and it got to be too much. Sorry :( I had to throw it away when he went to bed one night. He can play with them all he wants at Ava's or anywhere else, but I don't want him to have any! Please don't be mad. It's just gotten outta control with the Pony's and girl things!!!! :)