Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday night....or Sunday Morning

Up late again. Didn't start out that way. Got
in bed early. 10'ish is early isn't it? But about
10 minutes later Bob got up with a scratchy
throat. When he came back to bed about
a half hour later, I got up with a rolling
flopping belly. And I am still up.

It really does'nt bother me too much any
more. Most of my nights are like this.
It really used to make me crazy. I wanted
a good nights sleep for heavens sake!
I finally have realized its ok if I only get
a few hours at night, I can snooze during
the day anytime I want to. And I DO!
And its nice!

I have this wonderfully large Lazyboy
lift chair. It has heating in back and butt.
And its sooo comfortable. I get my blankie,
yes I have a blankie, get Elvis situated
next to me. Always by left side of butt.
We snuggle down and snooze. Its such
a nice snooze. Deep sleep in the middle
of the day. How did I get so lucky?

Some days its just a quick 15 min. power
nap. Sometimes a long comfy 2 or 3 hours.
It makes up for these weird nights I
have. For me, it all balances out and
most days I feel pretty rested.

Ta Da! Today I finished putting
together allthe squares on the quilt.
Its cute! Final size 72"long x 53" wide.
A bit smaller than I wanted. But as I
staggered the blocks I ended up whacking
a half block off each side which made it
about 6inches shorter and narrower.
Not alot so its ok. I worked on the trim
today. I messed with the colors and came
up with a trim that will work ok. I think.ha!
This is all new for me so its a flying by the
seat of my pants kinda thing. Hopefully
I can get it put together tomorrow, (the trim)
and I can get a pic on here and facebook.

Tomorrow I was not going to go to the bx
and commissary with Bob, but I think I
might. I want to look at the books at the
bx, they just might have a sewing book
I might need!! ha!

I am changing the I'm thankful for/love
title. Something like, the simple things,
no, my favorite simple things? Yea, that
might work..

My favorite simple things are

1.showing Bob my new treasures and him
liking them.
2.Lisa posting new pictures of the kids.
seeing Robby growing from baby to toddler.
3.Landon enjoying birthday party fun!
4.playing with fabric and patterns and
creating something new!
5.Finding that perfect piece of fabric
6.being able to look at Lisa's pictures over
and over cuz I miss the kids.
7.reading Priscillas blog over and over
cuz I miss Landon.
8. watching lew walk all over the house.

loves you all...I'm actually sleepy!

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