Wednesday, February 10, 2010

so sew so

I'm obsessed. Patterns. Fabric. Trim. Cutting.
Basting. Sew. Sew. Sew. My days are filled with
all of it. I have projects lined up. Projects in my
head. Matching fabrics and trim. What matches
who. Who would like this. Who would like that.

Bob is glad I have something to fill my days
with. Me too. I still have genealogy, but after
so long in the computer chair, I have to move.
With sewing, I always have some hand
basting to do so I can change seating. It
really helps. I have sewing stuff strewn from
sewing room to my chair. Its great! Personally,
I love it!! Mess usually makes me crazy. But
this doesn't. weird.

But as I think about that, it really isn't weird.
I finally can have a mess. A mess of MY stuff.
Its not hurting anybody. Not in anybodys
way really. And finally, NOBODY is telling
me I never clean up, I'm messy. Is it
no wonder I love Bob so?

I'm thankful for/love

steam setting on my iron

bright colored thread

Entenmans donuts

new slippers

happy birthdays on site speed

unexpected naps

I always forget to take down Xmas wreath on
front door

Bob bringing in Xmas wreat

unexpected snail mail

I hope you are all having an easygoing week filled
with things that make you smile.

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