Thursday, February 11, 2010

about this quilt I'm making

I'm working on this raggy quilt thats for Wyatts
birthday. Its my first attempt at making one.
And my 3rd quilt I have ever made. And its
the hardest.

You have to sew them backwards from regular
sewing, the seam is on the outside not hidden
inside. Its so against what your used to doing,
so hard to get the pieces pinned together right.
After much thumb poking and finger nicking,
I have just about got it all pinned together.

I started sewing strips today. And when I
had a few sewed up, I pinned a few rows
together and thought I would get a few of
those sewed up to see how it was starting
to look. Oh my gosh. I have ripped out
more seams than I have finished. The fabric
is sliding out of alignment...blah blah,
my fingertips hurt!ha!

All the reading I have done on these quilts say
they are easy, done in a day. Yea right. Maybe
it can be done. Not by me! ha! But I'm giving
it my best shot and so far its looking pretty
cute! I LIKE IT!

I'm thankful for/love

nice neat rows of stitches, on fabric, not me.
a cup of tea when I'm headachey and tired
the way Tide spring renewal smells.
wrapping up in a robe right outta the dryer
an unexpected 'love ya' from a friend
dr. mickey ears Landon
frozen reeses mini p/butter cups
Bob's opinion on all my silly 'whatcha thinks'.

I'm thankful for tomorrows fresh start in a
new day!

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